Talemetry(R) Spring Update Opens New Channels, Improves Candidate Experiences, and Optimizes Key Recruiter Capabilities

Vancouver, BC, May 27, 2015 – Talemetry, acclaimed provider of high performance recruitment marketing software for large employers, announced the immediate availability of their spring 2015 recruitment marketing platform update.

Talemetry’s spring release is the second update this year and continues their aggressive product release cycle aimed at helping clients gain new sources of talent and improve conversion rates from visitor to candidate.

Talemetry’s pure Software as a Service (SaaS) platform ensures the spring release will be immediately available to all existing and future clients. For more information, visit talemetry.com

New Talent Marketing Channels and Expanded Source to Hire Analytics
– Manage recruiting event sources. Establish event career sites and track the results.
– Manage internal hiring sources. Manage and track all candidates from your internal hiring and rehiring programs with complete internal employee career sites and analytics.
– Manage PPC advertising. Integrated tracking of the performance of all of your pay-per-click advertising or custom advertising sources.
– Expanded social job marketing makes it easier for recruiters to share jobs with their social networks and automatically track the results.

The release delivers expanded source to hire reporting to include these new sources, so all candidates from all advertising, direct sourcing, recruiting events, social sourcing, web marketing, event marketing, and internal hiring programs are tracked from source through to hire.

Expanded Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) and Email Campaigns
– Streamlined Talent Network management and optimization. More easily grow and segment your talent pool with improved import from other Talent Networks or events and assign them to desired pipelines.
– Volume email campaigns. Manage large volume email campaigns, integrated spam management, controls to run very large campaigns with integrated analytics.
– Expanded integrated campaigns across all channels.

Expanded Candidate Experience and Application Solutions
– Expanded candidate resume source apply options. Drive increased candidate flow with new options for uploading resumes from Google Drive(R), Dropbox(R), or Microsoft OneDrive(R) cloud services. In addition to profile extraction from LinkedIn(R), Facebook(R), and Google+(R), Talemetry is the first and only partner to allow candidates to apply using their Indeed.com profile.
Indeed Easily Apply integration. Indeed is the leading source of candidates for most Talemetry clients. The new Easily Apply integration provides an improved candidate experience and results in higher Indeed ranking for their postings.
– Enhanced mobile apply options. Increase mobile candidate conversion rates with Talemetry’s new “Apply Later” feature, automatically emailing application links for candidates to finish their applications at a convenient time on their device of choice.
– Better candidate data. In many cases you need more than a resume to determine if a candidate fits your job. Candidates can now attach additional documents to an application allowing you to better understand their qualifications for a particular job.

Enhanced Platform Analytics
– To best optimize your recruitment marketing you need simpler access to more data. Talemetry now does a better job analyzing your email campaigns and resume database sources for effectiveness.
– Better clarity into the emails being sent from Talemetry, group by job, sender, campaign and subject line. AB test subject lines to see what performs better and get a high level understanding of the actions of your individual recruiters.
– Addition of resume databases and imports as a top level source. This provides a greater understanding into the effectiveness of your spend across all sources, not just jobs.

About Talemetry

Talemetry(R) works with your applicant tracking system enabling you get more of the right candidates to apply for jobs using all recruitment marketing and sourcing channels and activities on a single powerful technology platform.

The Talemetry suite helps large organizations automatically distribute jobs, search and source candidates, build talent pipelines, engage candidates with full CRM, provide rich social and mobile candidate experiences, integrate external recruiters, manage all recruiting vendors, and measure and optimize their recruitment operations.

Talemetry, Inc. has been helping hundreds of employers improve candidate experiences, optimize recruiter efficiency, control costs, and get maximum visibility into what works and what doesn’t since 2000. To learn more, visit talemetry.com or follow @Talemetry.