Talent Acquisition: It’s Time to Rethink Your Recruitment Strategies

Some people think that the terms recruitment and talent acquisition are the same. But the fact is they are not. Recruitment is all about filling vacancies, whereas talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy to find the right fit for the company. Talent acquisition mainly focuses on long-term human resource planning and selecting the right candidate for a position that requires a skill.

Now the question arises that is your talent acquisition process efficient enough to hire top talent?

Here we will discuss top ideas to enhance the performance of talent acquisition. So, let’s pinpoint a few of them.

1. Maintaining Effective Talent Relationships: Talent management should strategize and stay in touch with the right talent to reduce the communication gap. Talent relationship means to build, develop, and enhance the relationship. But if it lacks in the system, it becomes a hurdle in the way of hiring quality talent. AI is the best solution for this challenge. For example, chatbots are on the rise nowadays. They are an excellent method of delivering an amazing user experience to candidates. Candidate expects a prompt response when they apply for the job. Sending a quick reply to the candidate will build trust and help in promoting the reputation of the company. Engaging candidates and keeping them updated regarding their application can do wonders.

2. Screen Candidates Efficiently: Artificial Intelligence has now become an everyday tool. Technology comes to the rescue of recruiters by cutting down the traditional methods of hiring candidates. With the growing need and competition, screening each resume manually has become a complicated process now. AI has given a quick and easy solution for this, which eliminates the need for manual efforts. It has made recruiters’ life easy. AI software such as resume parsing software extracts the resume information in data fields, which sorts out resumes and increases productivity.

3. Provide Good Candidate Experience: What is a candidate experience?

How do candidates feel about your company once they experience your hiring process?

And what about their experience, is it good or bad?

Imagine what if there was a way to wrap up all these questions.

Candidate experience is a popular buzzword and one of the most important factors for attracting talent. A good candidate experience can get you more applicants, hires, and referrals, which will result in a lower cost per hire. On the other hand, a candidate with poor experience will lose respect for the employer, which will negate his impression for the employer and the brand. During their job application experience, candidates often complaint that recruiters never get back to them to resolve their queries. If you share this specific feedback with the candidate, they will appreciate this information. This feedback can help candidates approach their job search more strategically.

4. Target Passive Candidates: Passive candidates don’t search for a job actively, but they are one of the potential candidates you can source. If an excellent opportunity knocks at their door, they will be interested in the offer. The best way to get in touch with the passive candidate is through social media. They are always active on social media. Also, other factors for engaging passive talent are your company brand, advertising, content, etc. This all must work together to convey a consistent, powerful message and mission. Hiring a passive candidate is like a daunting task, but the opportunity is just too good to catch.

5. Employer Brand: Branding of an organization is an essential aspect that helps recruiters to build a talent pool. The strength of your brand shows how the employee thinks about the organization. Misrepresenting a brand or company can mislead candidates. It will also affect the interested candidates who want to align with the organization. Developing a strong employee brand provides a window into the organization, which will help the candidate to understand critical aspects such as culture, values, and mission.

Don’t you feel that brand perception is the best way to attract talent pool?

The hiring process is fundamental. You cannot afford to miss the indicators that bring change. If the organization doesn’t actively manage these points and turns, it will miss out on a critical component of hiring. The result should be acquiring the best talent available.

Source: http://bit.ly/2M8PpSJ