Talent App Store and HRNX Integrations Partner to Bring an Innovative Solution to the North American Recruiting Technology Market

New York, NY — Talent App Store and HRNX Integrations have partnered to bring an innovative solution to the North American recruiting technology market.

This market is comprised of hundreds of recruiting system and screening vendors including background check, assessment, and video interview.

Increasingly, clients require their screening vendors to fully integrate with their recruiting system. This is technically challenging because not all systems integrate effectively. Additionally, the number of screening vendors that need to integrate with the many recruiting systems creates a logistical issue for both sides of the equation.

HRNX Marketplace Powered by Talent App Store provides a quick, cost-effective solution…

For more than 10 years, HRNX has provided a solution for screening vendors and recruiting systems to efficiently connect to each other via its proprietary hub and spoke integration platform.  However, this has primarily existed as a “back office” solution that connects vendors by individual client request only and without visibility to the entire recruiting system’s client base.

The HRNX Marketplace Powered by Talent App Store, pre-configured with dozens of vendors out-of-the-box, provides recruiting system vendors with a marketplace layer that has only been within reach of the largest vendors. The technical integrations are facilitated by the HRNX platform and a lightweight connection to the Talent App Store. Importantly, neither the recruiting systems nor the screening vendors need to have published API’s.

For Screening Vendors:

  • If already integrated with HRNX, nothing additional needs to be developed as their existing HRNX connector is used to connect with the Talent App Store.
  • For all other screening vendors, there are options to connect into the Talent App Store – they can develop to a standard HRNX API or HRNX can build to their published API.

For Recruiting System (ATS) Vendors:

  • They need not have a published API – they can build a direct integration between their recruiting system and the Talent App Store.
  • Alternatively, if they have a published API, the integration can be built by HRNX and Talent App Store.
  • The HRNX Marketplace Powered by Talent App Store serves to augment, not replace, the recruiting system’s existing partner landscape. Existing screening vendors are welcome to join the HRNX Marketplace under the same terms and conditions as other listed vendors or they can co-exist outside of the HRNX Marketplace.

For clients, this is their dream:

  • A choice of screening vendors that are pre-integrated and are easily and quickly deployed.
  • A cost-effective opportunity to pilot screening vendors in an integrated manner within their recruiting system environment.

HRNX Marketplace Powered by Talent App Store is being rolled out as a limited beta exclusively for existing HRNX customers and invited recruiting systems only.

Want to Learn More?

  • Screening Vendors:
    HRNX Integrations
    1-844-700-0090 x2
  • Recruiting System Vendors:
    Talent App Store
    +64 21 337178

See the HRNX Marketplace Powered by Talent App Store in action at the HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas from October 1-3 in booth #825.