Talent Circles Announces Pre-recorded Interviews & Assessment Feature Dramatically Improving Candidate Quality

As an increasing number of companies adopt the practice of pre-recorded interviews, employers must be able to scale the process. This is what the TalentCircles Questionnaires module enables. Adding to the ability for employers to create private branded talent networks to manage candidate pipelines and conduct online interviews, TalentCircles now allows employers to screen large numbers of candidates for skill-set and culture-fit, as well as build strategic talent pools of pre-qualified candidates.

The new Questionnaire module enables employers to define as many pre-recorded interview templates and questionnaires as they wish. Each template can include different question types: recording voice & video, short essay, or multiple-choice. This enables employers to customize their questionnaires depending on job category and their screening goals. Questions can be scored automatically or manually by reviewers. Questionnaires can be public, i.e. open to any candidate anywhere (social networks, job boards, web pages) or private and accessible only to invited candidates. Candidates who are not yet members of the employer’s network are invited to complete their profile after answering the questionnaire. For each questionnaire, TalentCircles generates reports by question, candidate score, and reviewer activity, providing an analytical view of candidate performance.

“Now that more and more employers are sold on the merits of digital interviewing and screening, it has become critical for recruiters to use the most efficient tools” says Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, CEO of TalentCircles. “Questionnaires and live-video interviewing are phenomenal ways to evaluate more candidates in less time and at a lower cost. Recruiters also need to accomplish this in the context of an engagement platform that enables them to build and nurture candidate relationships. In short, recruiters need a working environment that accelerates their ability to accomplish their short-term goals of filling open positions while empowering them to build a meaningful pipeline supporting a human capital strategy.”

About TalentCircles 

A cloud-based candidate engagement and management solution, TalentCircles allows companies to create, brand, manage, and own their private talent networks. Using TalentCircles, recruiters can interact with candidates via voice, video, events, chat, individual emails, email campaigns, webinars, and announcements. They can efficiently manage their pipeline of candidates, reduce hiring costs, and optimally fill positions with candidates who have already opted to become familiar with the company’s culture — and ultimately build a consistent human capital strategy. A live, expandable “Rolodex” that is easy to use, TalentCircles is the missing link between sourcing tools and applicant tracking systems.