Talent Decisions Based on Wrong Criteria Hamper Success

ATLANTA, Ga., November 27, 2012—In today’s labor market, too many employers still base their hiring decisions on characteristics that bring relatively little value to their organizations while ignoring more valid selection criteria. A new article from ACT Bridge, provider of evidence-based workforce tools and professional services, explores the competitive advantages created when employers use the right criteria to fuel effective, evidence-based talent acquisition and management.

The article, “Talent Analytics — Envision the Future of Your Workforce” is available for complimentary download.

“Qualitative metrics such as time-to-fill and cost-per-hire can be helpful in determining process efficiency,” said Kurt Ballard, ACT Bridge’s chief marketing officer. “But these types of metrics are too often considered in isolation and, as a result, offer very little value to employers who are trying to make more informed talent decisions and strengthen their human capital strategies. Our new article shows them how to accomplish these objectives by connecting the right quantitative metrics with the right qualitative measures.”

The article examines the application of Moneyball-style concepts and techniques to talent acquisition and management and the competitive advantages that can be gained by doing so. These include hiring more qualified job candidates, reducing talent management costs, alleviating administrative burdens and mitigating legal risks. The article also shares insights into:

• Current and emerging trends in data-driven talent management.
• The process for identifying the best predictors of on-the-job success for talent management processes.
• How to measure and maximize the Return on Talent Investments (RTI).

“HR is responsible for recruiting the organization’s primary asset—its workforce,” noted Ballard. “For the past decade, HR professionals have worked diligently to become data-driven and to supply their key decision makers with analytics for making better business decisions. This article focuses on the metrics, concepts and techniques that will help HR fulfill this mission and build the best workforce possible.”

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