Talent Engagement- Delivering an Amazing Candidate Experience

Do you know that talent engagement is your most significant opportunity to acquire smart talent?

In order to build a strong talent pool, it is essential to deliver a positive experience to candidates. This experience starts from the moment the candidate visits your website.

You might want to look back and see if you are using the right strategy to engage candidates.

Are you ready to reinvent candidate engagement? 

Check out these tips which can help you in delivering an amazing candidate experience.

1. Help Candidates Apply on the Go

Candidates are happy if you are saving their time. They expect to visit your website and apply for a job with a few clicks. If they have to fill in resume information, again and again, they will leave the resume submission process in between and switch to some other website. Using a resume parser will allow the candidates just to upload their resume, which submits their application. They are free from filling resume details repetitively. As a result, you will witness a minimum exit rate of candidates from your website.

2. Clear Job Descriptions

A precise and clear job description will help candidates to quickly understand the roles and responsibilities required for a job position. While writing a job description, include complete job-related information such as clearly defined roles, working hours, salary, other perks, and benefits, etc. Candidates apply for a job instantly if they understand the job profile.

3. Communicate at Every Step

Once you acknowledge the application of candidates, they start trusting you. It is advisable to send notifications to them for their selection or rejection. Give a personalized touch to your emails and keep them short and to-the-point.

4. Chatbots

As you are hiring millennials and Gen Z these days, you must make efforts to meet their expectations. They need an instant response to their queries. As recruiters cannot address to every candidate, chatbots are the best way to respond to candidates’ questions. Apart from this, they also help in pre-screening candidates by asking them questions relevant to the job position.

5. Go Mobile

Create a mobile-optimized career website that can be easily accessible from smartphones. When it comes to communication, send text messages to candidates about each step of the recruitment process.

Are you interested in enhancing your talent engagement strategy? Give me a shout, and I will help you in achieving your goal.


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