‘Talent Keepers’ Honored as One of 2019’s Top Business Books by Soundview Magazine

WINTER PARK, FL  March 2, 2020 – What if you gathered 20 years of employee engagement and retention research and combined it with the experience of two senior industry leaders? They’d write one of the best business books of 2019 as recognized by Soundview magazine. “Talent Keepers: How Top Leaders Engage and Retain their Best Performers” puts a new spin on a systematic approach to employee engagement and retention with precise tactics that have achieved proven results. It includes powerful methods of engaging employees beginning the moment they are hired.

In “Talent Keepers,” authors Christopher Mulligan and Craig R. Taylor use their decades of experience to provide strategies that inspire people to make a commitment to their employer, their role and their leader.

“I couldn’t be more pleased the book was selected,” said Mulligan. “We have the privilege of working with and learning from many of the world’s most successful organizations representing nearly every industry. Our hope is that, through this book, readers will learn new ways to strengthen their culture and raise the collective energy and performance of everyone with whom they work.”

Every year (since 1979), the editors at Soundview review thousands of business books looking for the handful that can really make a positive impact on the professional development of business professionals. In 2019, “Talent Keepers was one of 30 books they selected for their best of business list.

Soundview describes the book, “Without taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Talent Keepers offers proven suggestions, ideas, and strategies for forward-thinking leaders who want to create a vibrant workplace environment. Authors Mulligan and Taylor – of the acclaimed TalentKeepers organization – explore the winning approaches that are designed to create the kind of engagement that produces perpetual positive energy, energizes others, and leads to commitment and loyalty.”

About the Authors

Christopher Mulligan is a national speaker, CEO of TalentKeepers, and executive coach to senior leadership teams within hundreds of organizations, Christopher’s thirty-plus years of industry experience bring a unique understanding of what it takes to maximize organizational performance through people.

Craig R. Taylor (Retired) was a vice president at TalentKeepers and a former Walt Disney Company executive. He is a leader in the corporate training and organizational development profession and is an award-winning author and national speaker.

“Talent Keepers: How to Engage and Retain Great People” is available at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble and Wiley and Sons publishing.

(Talent Keepers: How Top Leaders Engage and Retain their Best Performers by Christopher Mulligan and Craig R. Taylor; ISBN: 978-1-119-55824-8/Trade Paper $27.00; 170 pages)

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