Talent Management Solutions Provider, Profiles International, Evaluated Favorably in "Product Comparison Report"

Waco, TX. August 15, 2013 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, announced it was included in an objective “Product Comparison Report” between the company’s ProfileXT (PXT) Employee Assessment and competitor SHL’s OPQ32n Occupational Personality Questionnaire. After focusing on a comparison of the two products’ features, the report’s author concluded the PXT provides a more comprehensive package, offers clients a more useful customized application of the results, and adheres to more rigorous statistical standards of psychometrics.

The comparison report is authored by Dr. Kurt Hulett, a published author whose background includes both public and private sector work. Dr. Hulett’s past experience includes classroom and administrative positions in the education field, as well as roles as senior director of research and business development, and vice president of assessment for Pearson Assessment and Triumph Learning.

The Product Comparison Report evaluated both companies’ products on criteria such as the number of scales measured, report costs, item formats, reliability, and validity.

Profile International’s PXT performed well in every category. The report indicated the PXT exceeded the performance of the OPQ32n in these specific areas:

-The PXT compares how well aspects of an individual’s personality and thinking style match those of successful incumbents in particular jobs. The OPQ32n only describes how an individual is likely to behave at work.
-The PXT includes in its reports five measures of cognitive abilities and six interest domains. The OPQ32n measures only personality dimensions. Clients must purchase separate assessments to get this information.
-The PXT reports reliability results that meet or exceed the scientifically-established and industry-accepted guidelines. The OPQ32n reports a range of reliabilities with some scales falling below the industry standard for acceptable scale reliability.
-Unlike the OPQ32n, the PXT does not require clients to be certified to interpret report results.
-The PXT includes reports in the purchase. The OPQ32 reports are priced at an additional cost.

“We are pleased our ProfileXT assessment performed so well in this objective product comparison,” said Michael Wilk, vice president, corporate marketing, Profiles International, Inc. “The ProfileXT helps both managers and employees to become more effective. “It gives hiring managers an objective inside look at the behaviors and motives of job candidates so they can make better hiring, promotion, and organizational decisions,” continued Wilk. “Employees are able to best succeed when placed in the right jobs within the right organizations.”

The ProfileXT is a multi-purpose, total person employee assessment used for pre-employment screening, selection, development, training, managing, and succession planning. This employee assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in an organization, and the results can be used during the training or succession planning stages.

For a copy of the Product Comparison Report, interested parties can visit the Profiles International website.

Profiles International helps organizations worldwide create high‐performing workforces by specializing in a comprehensive suite of talent management solutions. Profiles’ clients gain a competitive advantage by understanding their people at the deepest levels. This helps them select the right people for the right role and manage them to their fullest potential. www.profilesinternational.com