Talent Plus Colleague Megan Leasher Serves on SIOP Panel

Lincoln, NE – Talent Plus colleague Megan Leasher, Chief Solutions Strategist, will serve as a panelist Wednesday, October 28, noon (CDT) for Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s (SIOP) Women’s Inclusion Network event, “How to WIN in the Workplace: Networking During COVID-19.”

The panel will cover a variety of topics around opportunities to network and develop career opportunities and the challenges that have arisen during COVID. As well, panelists will share practices and tips for networking and career development with limited in-person interactions. Finally, they will look at what aspects most likely will remain beyond COVID-19, as well as the best way to network in a virtual conference environment.

Offers Leasher, “At Talent Plus, we believe the successful expression of talent is dependent upon both desire and opportunity to express it. In a time of COVID-19, when many of us are not physically in a workplace, we may view the opportunity to express our talents as diminished and/or taken away from us. Now is the time to actively flip our mindsets to not only create networking opportunities, but to look at networking in a broader way.”

Along with Leasher, other panelists will be Shreya Sarkar-Barney and Jennifer Zamora. To attend this insightful event, register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-win-in-the-workplace-networking-during-covid-19-registration-124171068007


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Cydney Koukol