Talent Plus, Inc.® Acquires Accendo International

(Lincoln, NE) – Talent Plus, Inc.® President and Co-Founder Kimberly Rath announced Tuesday, October 1, 2019, that Talent Plus has acquired Accendo International.

“Adding the know-how and capacity of the team at Accendo International provides more access to development for our 400+ client partners, including multinational, Fortune 50, 100 and 500 organizations,” states Rath. “This accelerates, broadens and scales Talent Plus’ core competencies to expand our portfolio of enterprise clients. While Talent Plus has focused on both discovery and development solutions for 30 years, Accendo expands our capabilities at a time when there is not only an appetite – but also a need and appreciation – for executive, management and leadership coaching and development programs that create, accelerate and sustain. Today, the intersection of low unemployment, reskilling the workforce and increased departure of Baby Boomers makes development even more critical.”

Accendo is a Houston-based human capital strategy firm that connects individuals and organizations to their potential through people-focused solutions – aligning vision and goals with strategy, and accelerating performance and results. For 10 years, Accendo has advised C-suite leaders and senior executives through enterprise-level change management, succession planning, strategic planning and execution and workforce planning. Accendo has worked with a wide range of corporate and nonprofit organizations – from mid-size to Fortune 100 companies across oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, education, media, real estate, travel & leisure and more.

“This is a dream acquisition and partnership,” stated Accendo Founder Kimberly Cutchall. “The combined power and resources of Talent Plus and Accendo is significant for our teams, our clients and the industry. Through the alignment of our businesses, people and services, we truly believe we are raising the bar on human capital solutions. With Talent Plus and Accendo, we are moving in a strong, positive and exciting direction. I can only describe it as ‘US. Only Better,’” adds Cutchall, referencing modification to the Accendo tagline, “You. Only Better.”

Kimberly Cutchall, President, Talent Plus Development, will be joined by Accendo’s team which includes: Julie Thompson, Senior Director, Operations; Marti Jordan, Senior Director, Business Analytics; Leanne Coben, Senior Director, Marketing Implementation; Teresa Watson, Senior Director, Coaching & Facilitation; Rea Summers, M.S., Director, Learning & Development; and Erin Rideaux, M.A., Director, Client Services. All have joined Talent Plus as full-time colleagues.

“The Accendo team is comprised of human capital strategists and trusted C-suite advisors. They are smart, strategic and have a passion to be catalysts for growth. The caliber of their work is in alignment with Talent Plus colleagues, The Science of Human PotentialitySM is the heart of everything we do,” adds Rath.


Talent Plus is the premier name in talent discovery and development. For 30 years, Talent Plus has relied on science, research and analytics to study talent. We put our science know-how to work for our client partners with state-of-the-art technology, validated selection assessments and proven development plans to build and sustain high-performing, fully-engaged cultures. Results include growth in customer satisfaction, increased productivity, reduction in turnover, strengthened employee engagement, sustained excellence and improved profitability. We help people and organizations identify talent and transform lives with tailored development plans to actualize their potential. Talent Plus is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, with offices in Houston and Singapore. For more information visit www.talentplus.com or call +1.800.VARSITY.