Talent Plus, Inc. to Share Leading Assessments at HR Tech This Week

(Lincoln, Nebr.) – Talent Plus, Inc. (R) is offering a sneak peek at its online assessments to HR Tech attendees (booth #1357) during the HR Tech Conference 2016, Chicago, Ill., Tuesday, October 4, through Friday, October 7, with instant feedback and opportunities to win.

As the Leading Talent Assessment Partner (R) in the industry, Talent Plus uses its own science to select and develop its own associates. Both clients and Talent Plus have found these highly validated assessment and interview tools to be the foundation for award-winning cultures. Moreover, the content of Talent Plus’ assessment tools is the precipice for development. Understanding your own talents and ensuring managers understand the talent of team members is at the heart of an employee’s journey – from a current role to a future one.

“We’re thrilled to showcase not only The Science of Talent (R) at HR Tech this year, but to highlight our associates. Our client partners are aware of the service aptitude and partnership they experience with our associates each day and this year we are showcasing our people alongside our science. Forward thinking HR leaders are looking for ways to select the best and then to develop and retain those highly talented employees,” offered Kimberly Rath, Talent Plus President and Chairman. “It’s an opportunity for our team to share as well as learn from peers, connect with recognized industry experts and thought leaders as a leading HR technology solution provider. It’s the largest event to showcase how organizations are utilizing innovative technology solutions to solve business challenges.”

HR Tech Conference Co-Chair, David Shadovitz, commented, “Technology is transforming every aspect of HR, from talent and performance management to benefits and compensation – enabling HR leaders to address in a much more meaningful way their organizations’ most important priorities.”

Talent Plus, Inc. is the Leading Talent Assessment Partner (R) in the industry and an internationally recognized management consulting firm with over 400 clients in 20 countries delivering interviews in more than 20 languages. Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Talent Plus also has an office in Singapore. For more information, please visit www.talentplus.com.