Talent Plus, Inc. Ushers in Operational Manager Talent Online (R) Assessment at HR Tech

(Lincoln, Nebr.) – Talent Plus, Inc. (R) addresses 11 million managers working today with an announcement of the Operational Manager Assessment at HR Tech Conference 2018 (booth #2750), Las Vegas Tuesday, September 11, through Friday, September 14.

As the Leading Talent Assessment Partner (R) in the industry, both clients and Talent Plus use Talent Plus’ highly validated assessment and interview tools and find they net higher rates of productivity and sales, increased retention, enhanced engagement and award-winning cultures. Moreover, Talent Plus’ assessment tools are foundational for development.

“There are 11 million managers working today,” offers Talent Plus Chairman and Co-Founder Kimberly Rath. Managers set the tempo for their teams and when a manager is engaged, team members realize higher engagement. This means the selection of each manager is mission critical for an organization. In a recent study, we discovered what matters most for managers to increase their team’s resiliency and engagement is that they are able to recognize team members, emphasize the value team members add and mean to the organization, support team members, identify needs and actively work on realistic solutions, validate team members so they feel heard, ask what would elevate job satisfaction most and encourage team members to identity training opportunities. “We’re thrilled that our new Operational Manager Assessment is able to discern individuals who can do all of these things at a high level,” adds Rath.

“This assessment identifies individuals who lead and develop people, as well as project and process with a focus on healthy business practices and create profit. Strong performers oversee the development of their team, create positive relationships and help everyone stay on track. They make strategic, tactical day-to-day decisions to implement solutions to ensure desired outcomes. These managers move projects forward and make good, spontaneous business decisions to ensure the success of the organization. Recognizing results depend on a team effort, they proactively invest in coaching and thrive on building great relationships. These top managers initiate action, make things happen and follow through.”

“The Operational Manager Assessment has the highest degree of validity in the marketplace – meaning human resources professionals can take stock in the extent to which Talent Plus can help make their processes the most efficient with the highest quality.”

Concludes Rath, “We’re interested in changing the workplace – and we know individuals work for managers. Having the best managers in the workplace will make all the difference for organizations across the globe.”

About Talent Plus, Inc.
Talent Plus, Inc. is the Leading Talent Assessment Partner (R) in the industry and an internationally recognized management consulting firm with over 400 clients in 20 countries delivering interviews in more than 20 languages. Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Talent Plus also has an office in Singapore. For more information, please visit www.talentplus.com.