Talent Plus® Launches A Small Business Solution

(Lincoln, Neb.) May is Small Business Month and Talent Plus® is introducing a small business solution using the same science and rigor used across the globe with world-class organizations like The Estēe Lauder Brands, UCLA Health System, KSL Resorts and Idaho Central Credit Union – all designed for the small business owners (100-500 employees).

“We know small business owners have a vision when they start their organizations and small businesses today are the heartbeat of our economy. Offering them The Science of Talent® is how Talent Plus has grown alongside our clients into larger, thriving organizations today,” shares Kimberly Rath, Talent Plus Co-Founder and Co-Chairman.

While the message in the marketplace today is about bringing more and more people to the employment funnel, Talent Plus knows the labor market is tight and what business owners need is not quantity but quality. A bad hire can cost up to $190,000. Business owners need like-minded employees who are positive, productive and professional. Individuals who work hard, get along well with others, do things right for the right reason and are self-directed.

Talent Plus offers a selection process that engages applicants and helps business owners learn more about candidates quickly. It’s a hiring method that highlights who to bring in for an interview and once hired, helps business owners understand how to mentor and invest in them.

“Talent Plus knows small business! We started as a small business with a dream too, nearly 30 years ago,” concludes Rath.

From small inns to country clubs and restaurants, community banks and credit unions, putting great people with customers is the key to loyalty and great reviews for small businesses.

Talent Plus’ Small Business Solution utilizes the Talent Online ® Assessment – taking 20-45 minutes for applicants. They can easily apply online or via a mobile platform. And, for businesses it’s simple to use, too. The process is easy and efficient and sifts through applicants, serving up those who will be the best fit for the role.

About Talent Plus

Talent Plus is the premier leader in discovering and developing potentiality with a dream to make the world a better place. Our entire strategy pursues one simple concept: The Science of Human Potentiality. We know every person has talent and that talent’s expression is dependent upon the desire and opportunity to express it. Our mission is to discover and develop talent, creating a world where people do what they are good at and enjoy. For more information visit www.talentplus.com or call 1.800.VARSITY.