Talent Plus Launches Enterprise Growth Leader Assessment

Lincoln, Nebraska (Newsworthy.ai) Tuesday May 9, 2023 @ 5:00 AM Pacific —

Talent Plus, Inc.® has launched the Enterprise Growth Leader Talent Online AssessmentSM (TOASM) knowing the marketplace is at a critical juncture where finely calibrated assessments are needed to find the best of the best available in the job market to lead sales organizations. In a recent McKinsey report, two of the five themes that emerged were that organizations need to “Rethink the people strategy in the age of attrition. A new world of selling requires new sales capabilities. Talent needs to be reassessed as businesses face both the attrition brought on by the pandemic and hyper-informed customers expecting more.” And, “For transformation to truly happen, cultures, mindsets, and behaviors need to change. Leaders need to inspire the change and guide the process.”

Talent Plus’ Enterprise Growth Leader TOA is a role-specific assessment identifying individuals with a natural ability to sell and exceed goals by focusing on big-picture successes and sustainable sales growth to positively impact the success of a company. Top performers are compelled to win, drive profit, guide the team in the right direction, make course corrections, and recalibrate the team to win sales. Driven to act, top individuals work to design and implement a company’s sales plans. Solution-obsessed and attuned to customer needs, they facilitate their team’s success by positioning individuals according to their strengths and likelihood to excel. They reward performance and celebrate individual and group wins.

“Never has it been more important to have a great sales team,” offers Talent Plus President Makenzie Rath. “We know strong sales leaders produce strong sales results. The highest performing sales leaders simply have the right talent for the job and have the sales leadership talent to drive a team to exceptional levels of success. In today’s marketplace, skills and knowledge won’t drive enterprise-level growth unless that leader has the talent necessary for success.”

Talent Plus has studied thousands of sales leaders by partnering with organizations to learn from and study how the strongest sales leaders think, feel, and behave. These discoveries inform the questions used to create this assessment. The organizations who helped build this assessment in cooperation with Talent Plus see that sales organizations identifying and onboarding the best of the best sales leaders are better able to close deals and drive teams to win – a key to sales team member retention.

Offers Chief Growth Officer John Henley, “When you hire tough and put in the work on the front end, you can manage easier – balancing individual coaching to top sales talent while managing to a sales process. If you hire strategically, top sales professionals want to stay put because they’re part of an engaged, streamlined sales team. Cultivating this doesn’t have to be a wildcard – the Enterprise Growth Leader TOA is just one part of that equation.” To read more from Henley on How to Hire Top Sales Talent.

This new assessment is purpose-built for top sales leaders in complex sales organizations. Sales organizations need to be proactive in generating leads, selling tailored solutions, and serving clients. Job titles appropriate for this role-specific assessment include Director of Sales, Sales Manager, Regional and National Sales Managers, Vice President of Sales (non-C-Suite role), Business Development Manager, and Sales Enablement Manager to name a few. Click here to learn more.

About Talent Plus, Inc®

Talent Plus, Inc. is the premier human capital and talent management consulting partner. As experts at each critical inflection across the talent lifecycle, their solutions scientifically assess, select, onboard, develop, coach, engage and retain the right people with the right talents to grow and gain a profound and sustained competitive advantage over industry peers. To learn more, visit www.talentplus.com or call 1-(800) VARSITY (827-7489).

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