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Vancouver, BC — February 22, 2011 — Talent Technology Corporation, a leading provider of recruiting solutions for corporations, staffing firms, HR software vendors, and job boards, today announced the launch of the new Talemetry talent generation suite: a five-module integrated solution developed to empower organizations to continually source, market, and engage a pipeline of high-quality talent. Introduction of the Talemetry suite reflects Talent Technology’s ongoing commitment to be at the forefront of recruiting solutions and innovation, and become the industry standard for technology used in the recruiting process.

Working seamlessly with existing human capital management (HCM) solutions, applicant tracking systems (ATS), custom recruiting software, and social media channels, the Talemetry suite delivers everything needed to find the right candidates from one place.

“Talent generation is a complex, competitive, and continuous process,” says Jade Bourelle, CEO Talent Technology. “Most companies have an applicant tracking system in place that manages candidates through the recruiting process once they apply. The new Talemetry talent generation suite integrates with these solutions to manage all activities for reaching out and getting candidates to apply in the first place. The Talemetry suite also delivers fast implementation to various recruiting job boards and social media channels and provides recruiters with the tools they need to directly source specific talent, to broadly market their jobs, and attract and engage candidates.”

“The new Talemetry suite enters the market at a crucial time for recruiting departments that are straining to keep up with hiring during the economic recovery.” says James Thomas, Vice President of Marketing for Talent Technology.

“Increasingly, we are seeing organizations choose technology solutions that drive recruiting efficiency, rather than staff their recruiting departments back up to pre-downturn levels. The Talemetry suite brings all of these efficiencies together within a single recruiter-friendly online environment.”

Talemetry modules are can be purchased together or separately and include:

• Talemetry™ Match—single search across job boards, social media, and more
o Source and rank both active and passive candidates within a recruiting and/or applicant tracking system or from over 120 million resumes on social networking sites and job boards across the internet. Match has a single interface to hundreds of job boards; supports legally compliant candidate searching; provides real time intelligence to understand where to find great candidates.

• Talemetry™ Broadcast—one interface to post jobs on job boards and social media channels
o Market to candidates by posting, managing, and measuring the performance of career and job advertisements across a multitude of job boards, social networks and/or syndicated advertising networks taking a fraction of the time it would to manually post jobs, all from a single intuitive interface. Broadcast reaches hundreds of places and potentially millions of candidates at once; ensures you are marketing to diverse audiences for compliance; provides real time intelligence to understand candidate preferences.

• Talemetry™ Apply—automate the collection of candidate information while making it easy for candidates to apply; integrated to your Applicant Tracking System, Enterprise Resource Planning, or custom recruiting solution
o Candidates can upload and submit their information from social network profiles in addition to traditional resumes and application forms. This data is then integrated directly into a company’s recruiting system. Apply significantly reduces candidate drop-off with simple upload and apply process; automatically parses and extracts resume information from any format; supports legal compliance by processing all resumes.

• Talemetry™ Profile—present a full view of the candidate by automatically combining resume and online information
o Improve knowledge of candidates by compiling a comprehensive summary of an applicant using data from their resume to find pertinent information publicly available on the web. Profile improves candidate screening in a single 360 degree view; supports legal compliance, saves time and money by automatically compiling information in one location.

• Talemetry™ Connect—build employer-branded portals with social media integration
o Engage with candidates by building targeted or event-specific employer branded career portals with automated social media integrations quickly and without the need for extensive IT support. Connect allows you to personalize your connection with different audiences; drive consistent communication across all your web and social media properties including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

“The Talemetry talent generation suite comes to market at a time when there are millions of people unemployed; yet millions of job openings remain unfilled; with high quality talent shortages at every skill level,” says Liz Ryan, National HR expert and Business Week columnist. “Companies simply can’t find the right talent fast enough and are spending billions of dollars a year to try and solve the problem. With the Talemetry suite, recruiters can now more effectively manage the complex recruiting process, spend more time finding great candidates, and continually optimize what works, change what doesn’t, and gain the cost-effectiveness of a one-stop software as a service solution built for recruiters and candidates with the responsive support of a recruiting expert and trusted partner.”

Talent Technology has a strong track record of customer success and services more than 800 customers. Over 80 million applicants are processed through Talent Technology’s systems and technology each year. The firm has deep partner relationships and integrations with key talent services, social networks, job boards, and recruiting software systems. It has a 10-year history of innovation and acquisitions in the recruiting technology industry. For more information about

Talent Technology or to learn about the new suite of talent generation products, go to www.talenttech.com.

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