TalentCircles Talent Community Selected For ResCare Workforce Service

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (June 12, 2014) – ResCare Workforce Services – America’s leading provider of workforce services – has established a working relationship with TalentCircles that will improve the way employers and job seekers are matched together in more than 300 Career Centers throughout the nation.

The recently formed business partnership will leverage a new ResCare Talent Market technology that will assist veterans, adult and dislocated workers, people with disabilities, welfare-to-work participants and America’s youth in developing career profiles that are perfectly aligned with thousands of online job postings from large and small businesses.

“Our staff is constantly searching for alternatives to improve the way we connect businesses with the talent needed to strengthen their bottom lines,” said Mike Hough, Executive Vice President and Operations Officer for ResCare Workforce Services. “Our new relationship with TalentCircles provides us a unique tool that greatly enhances our ability to ensure job seekers and businesses are appropriately matched in the hundreds of Career Centers we manage across the country.”

ResCare Workforce Services provides training, education and employment assistance to more than a million job seekers every year. The company will use the entire month of June to launch youth programs that utilize the TalentCircles platform.

TalentCircles provides ResCare staff with powerful capabilities such as email campaigns, webinars, job matching, video interviews, etc. in a coherent platform that enables ResCare to manage the end-to-end process from intake to placement.

“It is very easy and gratifying to work with a client whose commitment to social responsibilities is so closely aligned with our own values,” said Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, CEO of TalentCircles. “It is an honor to help address one of the most important aspects of any person’s life, having a job. ResCare Talent Market combines the many features and functions of our platform with the exceptional experience of an organization that has over 45 years of helping the unemployed fill company needs.”

About ResCare
ResCare Workforce Services is the nation’s leading workforce services provider with more than 45 years of experience in successfully matching job seekers with the needs of employers. With operations in more than 300 locations, their national footprint has allowed them to build an expansive staff of workforce experts who use the industry’s best practices to help reduce poverty, crime and unemployment in the communities they serve.

About TalentCircles
TalentCircles, a technology firm based in the Silicon Valley, offers a transformative approach to talent acquisition by enabling organizations to create and manage their private branded talent pools. Hiring is a huge problem for large, small and midsize businesses. TalentCircles solves it with a solution adapted to the needs, behaviors and expectations of the 21st century. We offer an outstanding experience to potential candidates and we give recruiters the capability to proactively manage the needs of their organization.

For additional information, contact: DeVone Holt- DeVone.Holt@ResCare.com or Susan Magrino- Susan@TalentCircles.com