TalentGuard Releases Coach Match to Help Companies Generate Best Possible Matches Between Employee and Career Coach/Mentor

Austin, Texas – October 20, 2015 – TalentGuard Inc., today announced the availability of Coach Match within its competency-based talent management software suite. The Coach Match system provides an innovative way to for companies to manage the relationship between employee and coach to achieve performance improvement, career development or accelerated leadership development goals.

Organizations struggle with time-consuming and inconsistent approaches in delivering high quality employee coaching to improve performance and leadership capabilities. Typically, coaches are referred by a friend or colleague without regard to the development need and preferences of the employee. In addition, organizations hire many different coaches, each trained on a different methodology guaranteed to deliver inconsistent results.

“Identifying the right coach and measuring impact are the biggest challenges involved in developing employees. With the introduction of Coach Match, TalentGuard helps companies overcome that challenge,” said Linda Ginac, President and CEO of TalentGuard. “Not only does TalentGuard offer the technology to match employees with the right coach or mentor, we have a global coaching community trained on an unparalleled and proven methodology called the Professional in Career Management (PCM) system. For companies that do not have their own internal career advisors, this is a major benefit.”

The following 6-step process highlights the key components of our technology:

Step 1: Employee completes their talent profile which represents a comprehensive view of their strengths and weakness based on many sources of information (skills assessment, 360 feedback, work history, preferences, etc.)

Step 2: Companies can manage an internal and external coaching community and/or use TalentGuard’s 100+ coaches. Coach completes their detailed profile including strengths, areas of expertise, industry experience, functional experience, specializations and more.

Step 3: Companies share this community of coaches worldwide through the TalentGuard talent management platform. Employees use the Coach Match tool to systematically identify coaches that are uniquely qualified based on the employee’s needs or specific search criteria.

Step 4: Employee reviews coach profiles to assess fit and qualification. Employees can then invite their chosen coach into their career development plan or request their manager’s input on coach selection.

Step 5: Track the coaching engagement throughout the relationship to see status, progress and achieved outcomes.

Step 6: Generate reports to assess the impact of coaching including the performance of the coach to the improvements employees have achieved.

The TalentGuard Suite:

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – Fosters an efficient and focused business process that provides qualitative and quantitative insight during the performance conversation, delivers agile goal setting and supports ongoing feedback, coaching and development to ensure an employer’s workforce is aligning and adapting to business goals.

CAREER PATHING – Enables employers to offer a structured career development process to support career growth. Our software provides employees with tools to build out meaningful career paths based on their aspirations and interests, review skill gaps against future jobs and engage in relevant learning experiences that proactively prepares them for the next role.

360 DEGREE FEEDBACK – Assess employee skills to better understand skills, gaps and talent readiness as company grow and adapt future challenges. Our tool gathers and analyzes objective multi-rater feedback to help employers make better people development decisions.

SUCCESSION PLANNING – Facilitates organizations in the identification and development of internal people with the potential to fill key leadership positions in the company. This solution helps companies identify critical roles, manage the talent pipeline and search for talent based on detailed criteria to ensure the right talent are in the right roles.

DEVELOPMENT PLANNING – Provides organizations with a method to manage interactive career development plans. Employees can create and track goals, gain access to learning resources, solicit feedback from stakeholders, and receive coaching for advisors and mentors.

CERTIFICATION TRACKING – Allows companies to manage, track, and report on training and certification efforts. HR can assign mandatory and supplemental training to specific job roles, managers can see when training is required and employees can remain compliant in their role.

COACH MATCH – Enables companies to consistently manage and simplify relationships between employees and coaches to achieve performance improvement, career development or accelerated leadership skills. Coach Match systematically identify coaches that are uniquely qualified based on the employee’s assessed needs or specific search criteria. Companies can track the coaching engagement throughout the relationship to monitor status, see progress and measure impact.

About TalentGuard, Inc.
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