TalentHook Enhances Search Results with Key Updates

TalentHook expands search categories, adds resume ranking and International search and enhances functionality to increase results and search speed.

January 8th, 2010, Las Vegas, NV – Resource Edge, LLC, creators of TalentHook, the recruiting industry’s fastest resume search solution, recently announced multiple product updates that enhance TalentHook speed, reach and functionality.

Featuring the most resource sites of comparable resume retrieval product on the market, TalentHook adds to a rich diversity of resources with the addition of over 200 sites including pay boards, free sites, professional networking sites and International resume boards. Subscribers can also use the TalentHook interface to make requests for additional resources that are reviewed and entered by the Quality Assurance team. The LinkedIn search update now allows the user to search LinkedIn public profiles published on search engines, providing access to approximately three million additional LinkedIn professional profiles.

TalentHook has also introduced resume ranking capability. A major win for clients, this update allows users to view search results based on keyword matches and unique keyword relevance. Resumes that best match the keywords terms used in the search will appear at the top of search results. “The resume ranking update has been one of our most popular requests among our clients,” says Phil Gonzalez, CEO of Resource Edge. “It is algorithm based, does not require any additional effort from the end-user and importantly, does not affect the speed of our search results.”

Resume export is streamlined with bulk resume export from TalentHook to the client’s applicant tracking system (ATS). Managed in a single operation with the new mass resume export update, default batch export limits are established by the user’s ATS. With the new resume export functionality, TalentHook users now export as many as 1000 candidates in one action.

Search result speed is a hallmark of the TalentHook product. Broad searches of hundreds of resume resources are initiated and completed quickly, returning resumes within minutes. The Resource Edge development team continues to conduct regular “housecleaning” to identify and resolve any search and download issues from all resume resources to ensure search results can be completed within minutes. Efforts to optimize the search and return of resumes for paid, free and open web sites has ensured continued speed even with the rapid addition of hundreds of resources.

About TalentHook
TalentHook provides an Internet resume search solution that scours the Internet for active and passive candidates. This tool aids the recruiter by providing sourcing automation capability which includes the rapid search of hundreds of online resume sources as well as desktop and ATS search, basic candidate contact management, shared tracking and comprehensive OFCCP compliant reporting for Internet recruiting. TalentHook Sphere, features thousands of resume Internet search resources, enhanced searching functionality and reporting features that identify it as a best in class online resume search solution with the most US Internet resume sites on the market.

TalentHook is licensed on a subscription basis because it is continually updated to preserve searching effectiveness and compatibility. For more information on how to acquire TalentHook for your recruiting organization, visit www.talenthook.com, or call: 800-979-HOOK.