TalentKeepers Launches New Employee Engagement Survey Results Executive Dashboard

WINTER PARK, Fla. – TalentKeepers, Inc. today announced a new addition to its TalentWatch employee engagement system: a survey results dashboard designed for. Executives, HR leaders and other stakeholders, who now can view, analyze and prioritize organization-wide employee survey data with the click of mouse.

Employee surveys are common and can be a valuable tool to engage employees, educate leaders and guide talent management strategies. But poorly structured results, confusing statistics and unclear analysis can erode trust in the process. The new TalentWatch dashboard captures and communicates essential data to executives and stakeholders in clear, understandable and actionable ways. Colorful graphs and charts accelerate understanding of survey data. Write-in responses are easily summarized and interpreted through the use of a built-in content analysis tool. Additionally, the dynamic nature of the dashboard lets the user drill down through every level of the organization, exposing survey results for each leader and business unit.

“Successful employee engagement strategies, those that show measurable improvement in individual, team and organizational performance, are fueled by relevant, actionable information and metrics. Simply distributing an employee survey will not promote employee engagement or employee retention. This new results dashboard elevates employee surveys to a new level of usability,” said Christopher Mulligan, CEO of TalentKeepers.

This new survey analysis tool adds to the already comprehensive capability of the TalentWatch engagement and employee retention system offered by TalentKeepers.

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