TalentKeepers Releases "Workplace America: Employee Engagement and Retention Trends," its 10th Annual Report on Talent Management Practices

April 1, 2014. WINTER PARK, Fla. – TalentKeepers today announced the release of Workplace America, its 10th annual report of employee engagement and retention trends, now the longest continuously running study of engagement and retention in the US. Over 700 organizations participated, with 28% employing over 5,000 and 39% having 500-5,000 employees.
Employee engagement now is a strategic priority for 83% of US employers and a solid majority, 64%, now budget and allocate funds specifically for engagement. But too few, only 23%, calculate the financial cost of attrition and low engagement, a basic building block to sizing the problem, determining budgets, and assessing ROI for future planning.
Job and career issues are now driving the greatest employee turnover. Poor leaders, long the main reason people quit, today is eclipsed by the importance of job satisfaction and growth for many, particularly younger workers. The opportunity to learn new skills, do things they do well, and see a path forward is all important to retaining workers and boosting employee engagement.
“This year’s report shows Generation Y, the Millennials, are a catalyst to workplace changes that are only beginning,” said Craig Taylor, a Vice President at TalentKeepers and the report’s lead author. He added, “Millennials are always connected; to business apps, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and countless other digital tethers to the world around them. How employers respond will impact how engaged they become and how long they stay in one place.”
Download the report: Employee Engagement and Retention Trends or contact Press(at)talentkeepers.com
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