Talexis Enters Final Phase of Beta Testing for Talassure360 Assessment

January 10, 2017 – Waco, TX: Talexis, an international provider of job fit employee assessments, is proud to announce the final stages of development for their new product line. As they enter the end of the beta testing period for their Talassure360 assessment, Talexis looks forward to providing additional developmental assistance to companies hoping to improve the talent within their workforce.
The Talassure360 assessment is intended to assist organizations with managerial development, providing an unbiased, anonymous feedback channel in which leaders are assessed based upon their individual performance. Through the accumulation of input about essential job functions – such as follow-through on promises made and ability to prioritize – Talexis will provide a neutral platform through which every leader can develop their skills and traits to improve the workplace experience. In providing a positive and anonymous platform, the assessment encourages genuine input from colleagues, subordinates, and superiors alike.
With this first implementation of the product, Talexis is pleased to have finalized the beta testing period. As they enter their final steps in their pre-launch process, Talexis CEO Joe Kistner has this to say, “We’ve been anticipating the release for quite some time now. We’re very proud of the process, and are excited for the opportunity to provide the Talassure360 to clients and Partners all around the world.” The Talassure360 addresses common misunderstandings about the 360 process, and is Kistner’s answer to the dated products of today. The Talassure360 provides managers with enough accurate, easy to understand information to create a meaningful developmental path without having to jump through hoops. In this way, the results can be used immediately in developmental efforts. Clearly, talent management professionals should be eagerly awaiting the full introduction of the Talassure360 later this quarter.
To learn more about Talexis and their suite of employee assessment solutions, interested parties can visit www.talexis.com.

Headquartered in Waco, Texas, Talexis provides workforce assessments for upper-level, mid-level, and entry-level employees. The company’s Talassure assessments enable business leaders and human resources professionals to attract, onboard, engage, and retain their most valuable talent. In addition to job matching and job fit capabilities, Talassure helps organizations identify and empower high potentials, engage in succession planning, and improve leadership development activities. Talexis delivers these solutions through its Alliance Partners, a nationwide network of talent solutions professionals.