Terryberry’s Recognition Mailbox Gets a Major Overhaul in the 3.0 Release

When global employee recognition provider Terryberry first announced the Recognition Mailbox module of their 360 Recognition platform in 2016, it was originally conceived as a tool for collecting positive notes of praise from customers. This content could then be shared internally with staff and/or externally to the public via the Recognition Mailbox’s integration with Terryberry’s 360 Recognition platform.  With the 3.0 release coming this fall, the bones of the customer praise functionality remain, but Terryberry has built up the feature set so that the Recognition Mailbox will now be able to receive and share virtually any type of success data from nearly any source.  Terryberry says clients can now systematically “Recognize anything!”

Terryberry’s managing partner Mike Byam says, “We’re excited about how Recognition Mailbox 3.0 will equip our clients with a repository for the success data that drives their businesses, and then use that data to recognize and reward the individuals who make the successes possible.”

Receive Input from Customers, Employees or Even Systems

Recognition Mailbox 3.0 has a new onboard form builder that allows clients to create customized polls and surveys. These forms can be used to collect feedback from customers about products, services or interactions with employees. The same functionality can also capture input from staff members about their employee experience, bright ideas for innovation, safety concerns, or self-reported activities from workers.  In addition, Recognition Mailbox 3.0 can accept submissions via system agnostic email; any functionality that generates a confirmation email can be used to receive data into the system.

Use Data to Give Recognition and Rewards

Submissions that come into the Recognition Mailbox are connected directly to Terryberry’s other 360 Recognition functionality, resulting in various actions based on the particular client’s needs.  Examples include converting Recognition Mailbox submissions to an award nomination, points rewards, or data tracking through 360 Recognition’s onboard reporting tools.

 Practical Applications for Recognition Mailbox 3.0

Terryberry expects popular configurations to include Recognition Mailboxes that receive data from clients’ Learning Management Systems, CRMs and Employee Surveys.  Terryberry spokesperson Brad Sytsma says, “A Learning Management System can be connected to a Recognition Mailbox to reward employees for training completion; you can set up alerts through your CRM to congratulate your sales team on big wins, or applaud your IT and Development teams whenever they complete a project ticket. The possibilities are endless.”