The 2015 OFCCP Horizon–a Guide to AA Policy Trends and Updates

COLUMBIA, MD–January 13, 2015, Berkshire Associates, a leading human resources consulting and technology firm, releases its latest white paper, “The 2015 OFCCP Horizon–a Guide to AA Policy Trends and Updates,” which summarizes some of the most important enforcement trends and policy developments federal contractors can expect to see from Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) in 2015.

With all the changes that went into effect in 2014, 2015 is going to be a year of enforcement–and more updates. It’s more important than ever for federal contractors and subcontractors to ensure their policies and procedures are up-to-date, and prepare for compliance policy changes on the horizon.

This timely white paper discusses in detail the following 2015 OFCCP changes:
– What to Expect During Compliance Reviews
o Compensation data collection requirements
o Section 503 and VEVRAA requirements
o Outreach and recruitment efforts for IWDs and Veterans
o The new Scheduling Letter

– New Policies on the Horizon
o Proposed regulations to implement Executive Order 13665
o Equal Pay Report filing proposal
o Minimum wage changes
o Protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity
o Disclosure of violations

To access this white paper, please click here.

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