West Des Moines, Iowa (January 12, 2015) – The Art of Conducting an RFP webinar will be jointly presented by Businessolver and Gruppo Marcucci, on Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 2:00PM EST. The announcement was made by Businessolver President and CEO Jon Shanahan.

“Businessolver’s mission is to delight our clients which includes the RFP,” said Shanahan. “This webinar will provide insight for a more successful process from the client, and the vendor, points of view.”

The webinar will provide recommendations about the types of detailed information that should be relayed to the vendor at the onset of the RFP. “Providing an accurate view of current systems in place, such as issues and insufficiencies, are a key component to a successful process,” said Rhonda Marcucci of Gruppo Marcucci who will be presenting on behalf of the company. “To ensure an accurate, no-surprises quote you’ll need to provide details to ensure that vendors are able to develop precise estimates.”

The Art of Conducting an RFP webinar will also focus on questions that are commonly included in RFP’s but that often don’t generate specific answers. A few of these common questions will be highlighted and the speakers will then show how restructuring the questions will generate more thorough answers.

“We oftentimes see very vague or impossible-to-answer RFP questions, or some that are not necessary to the process,” said Vice President, Carrier Development Jennifer Daniel who will be presenting on behalf of Businessolver. “The questions need to be specific and detailed so that we are able to provide accurate, relevant information that will ultimately start the relationship off on the right foot.”

As a bonus, webinar participants will receive Businessolver’s RFP-IQ a sample RFP with all of the Important Questions that should be included.

The Art of Conducting an RFP will be hosted by Employee Benefit News – visit the registration site here.