The Best Automated Hiring Software for Recruitment in 2020

Every company aims to increase its productivity and efficiency while doing its business. Fast recruitment is a topic of discussion these days. A strategic and synchronized approach is required to hire the right and potential candidates to meet the desired objectives.

Don’t you feel that defining your recruitment process is very important because it is the foundation for making recruitment decisions? You must have noticed that the recruitment process needs a fast transformation because of the vast number of job applications companies are receiving daily.

A few years back, recruiters have only one way to go through all these applications to analyze candidate capabilities, i.e., through manual processing of resumes. It was a very time-consuming process that every recruiter was going through. But now, there are great software options available in the market that can help recruiters to automate their operation.

Use of AI-powered technology software has proven its importance in different ways. They have not only shortened the task duration but also enhanced the efficiency and productivity of employees.

Imagine what would happen if you get hundreds of recruiting software list, how do you determine which one is worth investing? 

To keep this hassle-free, I am sharing a few best-automated hiring software which are available in the market.

1. Zoho Recruit: A cutting-edge applicant tracking system, it is a powerful recruiting software. You can source talent faster with this great automated recruitment application. It streamlines your recruitment process by allowing you to track resumes and never miss on a great hire. Zoho Recruit provides a set of essential features for every recruitment solution.

2. ApplicantPro: It is one of the essential tools that allows you to streamline your recruitment process. With its remarkable applicant tracking features, it can be used in education, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. and can be integrated with any other software. ApplicantPro allows tracking every aspect of the applicant profile.

3. Ceipal: Ceipal is a fully scalable, fully integrated applicant tracking system that will enable you to identify vacancies quickly, source, and screen candidates and onboard them effortlessly. It promotes its services through two products: TalentHire and WorkForce. Main features include job requisition, job posting, Applicant sourcing screening and selection, e-boarding social media integration, analytics, CRM, Mobile Device functionality.

4. PhenomPeople: It is the world’s leading talent experience management platform. Built on Artificial Intelligence (AI), it derives privatization, automation, and accuracy for candidates, employees, management, and recruiters. Phenom’s TXM platform offers companies with an integrated solution that delivers CRM, Chatbot, CMS, Career site, SMS, Internal Mobility and Referrals, University recruiting, Talent Analytics, and AI.

5. GR8 People: It is designed with 100% objective to give the companies an unfair advantage to compete for talent worldwide. It is an enterprise talent platform that brings CRM, Applicant Tracking, hiring, and onboarding together. In other words, it provides the right solution for the complex challenges faced by an enterprise.

6. EmployWise: EmployWise is an award-winning, integrated SaaS, and employee lifecycle management software. It is a solution that can handle all aspects of human resources from recruitment to retirement. A configurable solution, it is ideal for growing businesses. You can choose different modules depending on your professional needs and subscribe to additional HRMS modules as required. EmployWise is an excellent solution with a minimum cost, zero CAPEX, and maintenance fees.

7. Ideal: Using AI technology, Ideal can help you make the best talent decisions backed by data. With the help of this intelligent system, you can shortlist candidates, reduce bias, improve quality of hire, close jobs quickly, and get valuable results. It also provides 24*7 Chatbot support.

Every organization works towards increasing its productivity and giving amazing results. When it comes to reducing human efforts, then technology is the right choice. With the increasing workload and pressure to hire quality talent, recruiters now have the right solution to streamline their recruitment process.