The Future of Recruitment is Bright with RChilli Search & Match Engine

Every hiring manager seeks a sophisticated and fast-performing tool that will ease the pursuit of a perfect candidate without eliminating the human element from the recruitment process. With a myriad of search and applicant matching software, what makes this quest so challenging?

Most of these solutions fail to provide recruiters with a comprehensive engine that is capable of simulating human thinking and perspective. Instead, they promise an artificial intelligence system that only matches the most compatible available candidate, without capturing the depth of each resume or explaining how they came up with results.

To find a promising talent in your field, simple software that uses the boolean search without incorporating critical thinking into it, won’t be enough. Traditional programs usually don’t switch perspectives or question whether a job position is also a match for the candidate. – Is there a point in choosing the best applicant if they are overqualified for a job position you are offering? An intelligent and thorough engine should select a match that feels that way for both sides.

You might wonder if leveraging HR technologies means that you are making a mistake. But don’t give up on AI yet. Choose a company with a long history and experience you can trust with your hiring process. Although the journey of RChilli started 10 years ago, evolution was always the focal point. Its progress manifests in the most efficient AI recruitment matching engine. These are the key features that make RChilli Search & Match Engine the future of recruitment.

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The Most Configurable Engine That’s Tailored to Your Specific Inquiry

Artificial intelligence often has a negative connotation, and many see it as a threat to hiring managers. But the RChilli Search & Match Engine is more than a machine, and it doesn’t only see numbers and words that reflect in resumes. The engine can understand that candidates are humans with career profiles.

Our Search & Match Engine comprehends jobs and resumes just as humans do, with the capacity to conduct matching million times faster. Besides, the engine doesn’t only behave like a human. You can decide about each step of the process. Thanks to its configurable capacities and customization, you can shape how our AI thinks.

The engine refines your search with its Facets and Filters and geographical search. You have the power to select every aspect of the search, whether that’s your preferred country, language, or years of experience. Thus, if you want flexible candidates and you want to boost the diversity in your organization, you can seek those who are willing to relocate.

The engine can also optimize the search by showing only the active candidates, avoiding those who are unresponsive. Also, due to multi-directional matching, you can match resumes to relevant jobs and jobs to resumes. The power of RChilli lies in this freedom of choice – you can use jobs to find a candidate, or you can seek similar jobs.

While manual resume research can be time-consuming, RChilli Search & Match will analyze hundreds of thousands of biographies in five seconds, providing you with the top ten best matches. However, you will receive a humanized summary that eliminates bias and prejudice from the process.

Nevertheless, if you are still not happy with the resumes the AI chose, you can change and adjust filters, narrow or expand the search with the engine diving deeply into the core.

With A Holistic Profile Matching Approach, It Assigns And Clarifies the Context

While most software immerses into superficial research with broad results that leave you without further insights, RChilli Search & Match Engine goes beyond. To provide you with a personalized and contextual outcome, it uses Biometric Scoring to shift the perspective. That way, it provides four recommendations: job to jobs, job to resumes, resumes to resumes, and resume to jobs.

For example, if you are a marketing company and you want to hire a social media copywriter with a bachelor’s degree, and there is a copywriter candidate with a master’s degree. Although you might still be interested in them, they will likely think that they are overqualified. Hence, accepting your job offer might represent a regression in their career and professional growth.

With the Search & Match Engine, there are no compatibility deviations because this scoring approach uses separate metrics for the candidate and job. That’s when our technology and engine evolution come to the spotlight because it’s the most robust and comprehensive solution.

Elimination of False Matches And Transparency

During a case study whose goal was to reveal whether RChilli Search & Match Engine is the most accurate engine, the resume parser has proven to be complete and with fewer mistakes than the human-entered data. What differentiates RChilli is that it inputs all the data correctly and completely, even if a candidate has 40+ years of experience. The Search & Match engine doesn’t neglect or miss any information because it has an essential role in completing the compatibility puzzle.

But neither humans nor other software can be RChilli’s rivals in the arena of detecting the most suitable talent. With its intelligent resume parser, the Search & Match engine rejects over 90 percent of false matches. Most matching and searching systems usually follow simple keyword research that can bury great candidates under those that only appear to be a fit due to an incomplete process. RChilli’s unmistakable AI detects the best ones immediately and brings them to the surface.

Besides, a quality recruiting process requires transparency to find and onboard the candidate. It’s what ensures a diverse workplace that encourages equity and productivity. At RChilli, we put transparency in the first place in everything we do and provide to our clients. That reflects in an intelligent and transparent match explanation. As always, the Search & Match engine goes further, offering tips on how to improve the results. It’s the capability no other software can provide, although this is crucial to incorporate the future into traditional search.

Recognition of the Career Path of Each Candidate and Genuine Absolute Scores

Although resumes tell the story of each candidate within their education, skills, and experience, recruiters can only identify whether they could be the right fit. What they can’t is to predict their aspirations and future career path. However, that’s another ability that the RChilli Search & Match Engine possesses, and humans and other software don’t.

Besides assigning the highest scores to those candidates whose resume story aligns with a job, the engine can also detect if a candidate has any deviations from that role. By calculating this ability, the AI can warn you if they can still be a poor match.

However, RChilli Search & Match Engine doesn’t have the final absolute scores as the other engines, which will report a poor match as 100 percent simply because they are the best available fit. The engine matching report shows absolute scores calculating its true score from zero to 100. Thus, the engine provides you with sub-scores on different categories of data. To make sure that you are choosing the best talent for your company and vision, you can see the reasoning behind each score. With this, you’ll receive comprehensive insights that will help you understand the results to their core.

The Ease of Use and Parsing

While most other matching software demand installation, RChilli Search & Match Engine is a cloud-based SaaS you can use immediately. You do not need to possess extensive programming skills because there are no servers that require setups or maintenance. One of its many sophisticated capacities is that the engine’s scalability is automatic.

Using a cloud-based RESTful API, it can scale both vertically and horizontally without limiting the capacity of documents. Once a candidate submits their resume to the applicant tracking system, the ATS will send the resume to RChilli’s SaaS system, which will result in parsing. After analyzing it, RChilli returns the resume to ATS that stores the candidate’s PII (personally identifiable information).

Finally, ATS sends the parsed CV to RChilli, who eliminates all PII, indexes, and stores resume. With a smooth and thorough process, the Search & Match engine performs the most accurate and genuine search, discovering talents tailored to your criteria.

RChilli Search & Match Engine is always one step ahead, ensuring satisfaction and compatibility for both employers and candidates, transforming that way the future of recruitment into our reality.

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