Small businesses go through the same growing pains that larger companies experience, but we also face our own challenges. One of these lies in being considered a ‘small’ business. Hiring is one of those challenges, especially in a tight talent market. Candidates generally fall into two buckets: either they want to be a part of a large company or love being a part of something new with a start-up feel, where their voice is heard and their contribution makes a direct impact.

We are happy to report that we are growing! We’ve snagged two new members to join our sales team; Veronica Raymondo who comes to us with telemarketing savvy and David Richards who has direct b2b cold-calling experience. Our very talented sales team will help us continue expanding our reach as a key player in the pre-hire assessment testing space. Our invaluable pre-hire assessment tools has been the key to our hiring success and we believe it can be for business owners who want to hire better people too.