The HR-XML Consortium Announces New Payroll, Lightweight Recruiting, and Drug Testing Standards

DENVER – The HR-XML Consortium deployed Version 3.3 of its standards this month, with three new specifications and several enhancements. The new standards include Lightweight Mobile Recruiting, Drug and Alcohol Testing, and Payroll specifications. Enhancements were made to meet new industry requirements and provide additional features based on implementer feedback.

“The HR-XML Consortium is pleased to support the development of new standards for the Global HR Community, as well as the enhancement of our existing standards”, said Bon Idziak, Chairman of the HR-XML Consortium. “As our standards are implemented around the globe, interoperability becomes a tangible effect of the standards produced by our volunteer members. Implementing the HR-XML Standards simplifies your data exchange and ensures members of The Community that your business is stable and poised for growth”, said Idziak.

The Lightweight Recruiting standards follow a similar structure to the existing Candidate and Position Opening XSD specifications but are available in JSON for easier use and adoption on mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. The standards also include a new flexible candidate application form specification and instructions for mapping from the existing XSD schemas.

The Drug and Alcohol Testing specification allows for the electronic chain of custody form and related data to be shared between the drug testing parties. This helps to reduce errors and speed up the process between the customer, collection site, laboratory, and medical review officer.
The Payroll specification provides the structure necessary for adding a new worker into the payroll system, including payment details, deductions, garnishments and taxes. This first release includes localizations for the United States, Canada and Netherlands.

The HR-XML Standards are freely available from the HR-XML Online Store.

About HR-XML
The HR-XML Consortium is the only independent, non-profit, volunteer-led organization dedicated to the development and promotion of HR data interoperability. HR-XML standards constitute a broadly adopted framework for integrating a wide range of platforms and applications throughout the HR technology ecosystem. For more information, visit