The Human Capital Centre of Expertise (HUCACE) Launches In Toronto

TORONTO, April 02, 2014 — The Human Capital Centre of Expertise (HUCACE), a boutique service that offers a range of end-to-end recruitment solutions and HR-related services to employers, has officially launched.

Pronounced “UKC,” the company helps employers avoid the spiraling costs associated with bad hires. It is the brainchild of founder Danny Kellman, who has witnessed first-hand the detrimental effect that hiring the wrong employee, from front line to leadership level, can have on an organization.

“The effect of hiring the wrong person can resonate throughout a company,” said Kellman, whose experience encompasses 10 years in a variety of HR functions. “It isn’t solely about the cost of training and time invested in bringing that new employee in. It’s about the impact on team morale, employee engagement, and productivity, too.”
HUCACE offers what it considers to be a “first of its kind” one-stop talent acquisition experience utilizing the application of science, technology, and emotional intelligence.

Employers can select which stage of the recruitment process they need assistance with, and choose from a range of comprehensive services including:

– Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
– Job Postings
– Pre-screening questionnaires
– Realistic Job Preview surveys
– Psychometric assessments, behavioral assessments, cognitive tests
– Job-specific skills tests
– Interview process consultation or creation
– Reference & Background checks

“Our offering is unique as our clients can select a single element, or a bundle of services–whatever meets their specific needs,” Kellman said. “For instance, the psychometric assessments and background checks aim to significantly reduce recruitment costs and dramatically increase ROI by identifying the best candidates for each specific vacancy.”

Kellman is emphatic that candidates, as well as employers, receive the highest quality of service. “We ensure that all applicants are treated with respect and dignity throughout the selection process,” she said.

HUCACE‘s team of established and published organizational psychologists, PhDs, and mathematicians has a combined 153 years’ experience and all of its project managers are Certified HR professionals (CHRP) or candidates. HUCACE is also a member of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

“The Harvard Business Review states that 80% of staff turnover is the result of a bad hire,” Kellman said. “At HUCACE we aim to work closely with organizations to significantly reduce that figure, at least at the recruitment stage.”


The Human Capital Centre of Expertise (HUCACE) is an international full-service human capital management consulting firm with offices in Canada and the USA. HUCACE provides recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), psychometric assessments and background checks services. Clients span the full spectrum of industries, from manufacturing, retail and hospitality, to banking and finance, healthcare and law enforcement. HUCACE’s comprehensive suite of offerings is helping clients meet their talent acquisition goals successfully. Services and tools are enabling clients to save time, money, and increase dramatically ROI, at all phases of the recruitment process.

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Danny Kellman

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1600 – 401 Bay St, Toronto, ON, M5H 2Y4, Canada