The Jellyvision Lab and Union Pacific Deliver a Simple 401(k) Message: Just Start Saving. The Response: 87% of respondents more likely to enroll in their 401(k)

The economy has been going through a bit of a rough patch, and perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s been a nationwide slump in 401(k) contributions.  In response to this trend, the Jellyvision Lab and Union Pacific have teamed up to pilot an educational experience that caused a significant majority of respondents to say they are more likely to enroll in, or increase contributions to, their 401(k) programs.

Jellyvision, a digital design company best known for irreverent games like YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, and Union Pacific, North America’s premier rail franchise, might seem an unlikely pair.  However, Union Pacific is among the first companies to use ALEX™, Jellyvision’s interactive benefits counselor, to educate employees on their 401(k) options. 

Jellyvision has recognized that employees require smart, engaging, and personalized investment education, and their interactive technology provides the solution…minus the boredom and bewilderment many employees feel when confronted with financial information.  ALEX’s approach to 401(k) revolves around the idea that investment education is most effective when it addresses each employee’s unique situation.  Unlike one-size-fits-all presentations, ALEX engages each employee in a conversation and utilizes specific numbers from an employer’s actual 401(k) offering. 

“Our conversations are written by super-talented writers—not fiduciaries or lawyers,” says Amanda Lannert, Jellyvision’s CEO.  “As a result, the flow, approachability, and clarity make it feel as though you’re talking with an expert investment counselor, one-on-one, who already knows your benefits package and wants you to understand all your investment opportunities.”

Already, the conversation approach to 401(k) investment has yielded results for Union Pacific and employee feedback has been extremely positive:

– For employees who aren’t currently enrolled in their 401(k), 87% have said that they are “more likely” or “somewhat more likely” to enroll after spending time with ALEX.

– For employees who are currently enrolled, 72% have said that they are “more likely” or “somewhat more likely” to increase their 401(k) contributions.

Lannert says she’s pleased with, but not surprised by, the enthusiasm generated by the 401(k) conversation among Union Pacific employees.  “Our emphasis is on getting employees enrolled and increasing their contributions to the maximum,” she says,  “By avoiding the heavy calculations and frightening or overwhelming investment detail, we help employees focus on a simple message: just start saving.”

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