The Sourcing Institute Announces New Slate of Online and Live Classes for Recruiters and Sourcers

The Sourcing Institute, a leader in structured adult learning and certification, has announced new offerings for online sourcing and recruiting classes, in addition to live SourceU events in Atlanta, GA in October 7-8, and November 14-15 that help working professionals earn PHR, SPHR, GPHR, HRCI, and TSI credits towards certification.

These new sourcing courses help recruiting professionals learn the skills that they need most at work, including courses on how to build their online profiles through LinkedIn, with classes in advanced searching, and advanced networking and branding. In addition to these exciting new LinkedIn courses, The Sourcing Institute is offering additional classes in building custom and specialty search engines, and using natural language search, deep web search techniques, and peer regression searches. Also expanding are SourceU’s offerings on search techniques, including hidden Google commands, and ways to make other search engines work better.

Other courses discuss important diversity and inclusion topics, from diversity recruitment fundamentals, including veteran and military recruiting, to international sourcing. Recruiters are also able to choose from new classes on designing compelling job postings, search engine optimization for job postings, and persuasive communication styles.

“Today’s competitive environment makes certification and credentials more important in talent acquisition,” said Rob Delp, co-founder of The Sourcing Institute. “The Sourcing Institute’s new slate of classes are perfect for working professionals looking to earn credits towards certification.”

The Sourcing Institute and SourceU make earning credits for recertification simple and convenient for working professionals. More information on these new classes, in addition to registration for both live seminars and web course offerings is online at