The Talent You Need May be in Your Own Backyard – Increase the Value of Your Employees

WACO, TX; March 29, 2012 – Profiles International is offering a complimentary webinar titled, ‘How to Increase the Value of Your Employees, the Talent you Need May Be in Your Own Backyard.’

The economic turnmoil over the last 48 months has caused companies of all sizes to bring focus to their business by examining every expense, justifying the investment required for every employee, and realigning every process, product, and service to assure that each bring the expected return on investment.

This 50 minute webinar will provide you with an unprecedented insight to the knowledge, skills, and tools required to increase the value of your company’s most important asset, its employees. As a leading provider of assessment solutions that enable organizations to select the right people for the right job and develop them to their full potential, Profiles International are excited to have Mike Hopkins, Senior VP of Enterprise Solutions, and John Bradford, Senior VP of Consulting and Coaching Services lead this webinar.

Attendees will discover:
– How to establish the value of their employees
– How to impact bottom-line performance through employee performance
– How to accelerate the performance of employees
– How to select, place and develop new talent to perform at the highest level

The period of survival has transcended into a time of opportunity, opportunity for businesses and employees to grow. Participation in this webinar will allow you to help your organization achieve improved bottom-line performance. During these times of unpredictability and rapid change, you can’t afford to miss out!

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Dates and Times:
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Profiles International offers assessment solutions that enable organizations to select the right people and develop them to their full potential. Our solutions help clients screen-out unsuitable candidates, match jobs with inherent capabilities, understand the strengths and limitations of successful onboarding, enhance performance, and maximize a candidate’s contribution to the organization. Learn more by visiting their website and blog.