The TRACOM Group Launches New Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Class

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — May 2, 2012 — The TRACOM Group, experts in individual and organizational performance, has released Behavioral EQ, an emotional intelligence (EQ) assessment and training class to measure and improve EQ and workplace productivity.

Multiple studies have shown that emotional intelligence competencies often account for the difference between star performers and average performers, particularly in positions of leadership and sales. After decades of EQ research and development efforts, businesses have called for a model that addresses the most important aspects of EQ and that is measured specifically for a work context. The new emphasis is on translating EQ awareness into behaviors—the outward actions that others notice and respond to and which create objective, measurable benefits.

“Behavioral EQ has emerged as a proven way to improve performance,” said Casey Mulqueen, Ph.D., director of research & product development for TRACOM. “BEQ skills are associated with increased sales, better recruiting, effective leadership and high customer service. And the good news is that there’s evidence that these skills can be developed through training programs, making individuals and their organizations more productive and effective.”

Behavioral EQ represents the third generation of emotional intelligence models and concepts. Emotional intelligence was first described in the late 1980s as a form of intelligence that could be objectively measured, similar to cognitive intelligence (IQ). This original concept had limited success, but was then expanded into several competency models by various researchers, most notably Daniel Goleman. While very popular, research over the past two decades has discovered that only a handful of the competencies from these models are related to superior performance, and the “emotional” aspects of the models have been difficult for people to grasp and put into practice. What the research has clearly shown is that a limited number of behaviors are important for increased effectiveness, and that by practicing these behaviors people can enhance their EQ. The Behavioral EQ Model focuses on the behavioral aspects of EQ, making it more targeted and easier to understand and quickly apply.

TRACOM is now offering a self-assessment that measures a person’s Behavioral EQ in four specific areas, and a class that teaches key Behavioral EQ concepts and uses the self-assessment to improve the skills of the participants. The assessment is a self-scoring paper test that can be completed and scored in just 15 minutes.

Behavioral EQ: Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work is TRACOM’s class to understand and develop these skills. The class uses the self-assessment and modular content. An introductory version can be conducted in as little as two hours, or the class can be expanded with additional exercises and concepts to a full day to fully build EQ abilities.

Information about the class and assessment are available at The website offers several free resources including a summary of EQ case studies, a Behavioral EQ whitepaper which describes the model and its development, and an on-demand webinar discussing Behavioral EQ.

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