The TRACOM Group's New YouTube Videos Feature SOCIAL STYLE Snapshots of Athletes in Competition

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — July 26, 2012 — As the world’s sports fans know, sometimes an athlete’s style is just as entertaining as their results. The TRACOM Group has just released a collection of athletic competition-themed animated videos featuring athletes in their quest for success.

The videos, about 35 seconds each, depict how each of the four SOCIAL STYLE—Driving, Amiable, Expressive and Analytical—might display their behavioral preferences as they compete in various athletic events. SOCIAL STYLE is a widely used model for identifying and understanding behavior. The goal of these humorous videos is to offer insight into how someone’s Style influences how they navigate their work life.

The Analytical Style video, for example, shows an archer about to shoot his arrow. But before he can do that, he carefully calculates the air speed, the distance to the target and his odds of winning a gold medal. Viewers who are new to SOCIAL STYLE immediately understand that an Analytical person likes to consider all the facts before acting. SOCIAL STYLE veterans, on the other hand, will nod and perhaps chuckle in recognition of the Analytical Style.

Other videos feature an Expressive Style boxer, Driving Style volleyball players and Amiable Style rowing competitors.

“As the world’s hopeful champions gear up for international meets, it’s interesting to consider how elite athletes approach competition,” said David Collins, TRACOM’s general manager. “Some struggle under pressure, and some rise to the occasion and achieve personal bests. But behind the spotlight, each athlete is just an individual with their own preferences and patterns in how they do `their job.’ In that way they’re not too different from regular people going about their own workday. And understanding these preferences can lead to gold-medal performance.”

Originally developed in the 1960s, SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s most-effective model for improving interpersonal skills.

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For 50 years, The TRACOM Group has helped individuals and organizations improve workplace performance by building interpersonal skills, improving teamwork and developing leaders. TRACOM offers measurement-based learning models, courses, surveys, assessment tools and consulting services. TRACOM is the original creator of SOCIAL STYLE and the Behavioral EQ Models.

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