Thomas International Introduces Trait Emotional Intelligence Assessment in North America

TORONTO, Canada/ October 12, 2011 — Organizations can quickly and accurately assess an individual’s emotional intelligence (EI) at work with an innovative new assessment from Thomas International. On October 18, 2011 the company will release its new Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) to North American clients onto its flex assessment platform.

The TEIQue is an online battery of 153 statements that have been developed to assess an individual’s trait emotional intelligence potential. It tells you how well your people understand and manage their emotions, how well they interpret and deal with the emotions of others, and how they use this knowledge to manage relationships. Trait EI is the only operational definition in the field that recognized the inherent subjectivity of emotional experience. It takes into account that the trait EI facets are personality traits, as opposed to competencies or mental abilities.

The TEIQue instrument was developed by K. V. Petrides BBA, MSc, Dip Psychol, PhD Associate Professor in Psychology and Psychometrics at UCL. Dr. Petrides directs the trait emotional intelligence research program at the London Psychometric Laboratory and has been at the forefront of new research in emotional intelligence, personality, and psychometrics. He has published very extensively and lectures internationally in personality, psychometrics, and individual differences.

“There are extensive individual differences in people’s perceptions of their emotional abilities. Some of us are very confident we can understand and regulate our own and other people’s feelings, while others feel overwhelmed by them. These perceptions are generally stable over time and have a direct impact on mood, behavior, achievement, and action across all contexts and domains in life, including business, education, and health” said Dr. Petrides.

Emotionally intelligent people have self-awareness, are excellent communicators and can adapt their behavior to a variety of situations. As a result, they are more likely to have the edge they need to lead, manage, and perform in today’s competitive and complex marketplace. They are also adept at dealing with stress, low morale, conflict and change. The process and outcomes of emotional intelligence development is known to reduce stress for individuals and organizations, by decreasing conflict, improving relationships and understanding, and increasing stability, continuity and harmony.

“Feelings connect people across races, culture and experiences. And now more than ever the modern workplace is characterized by open communication, team work and mutual respect among employees and their managers. Having emotionally intelligent managers allows them to better understand and motivate the people they supervise. The TEIQue assessment helps you easily measure the emotional intelligence potential in your people,” said Merle Ballaigues, President of Thomas International in North America.

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