Top 10 Lists for Great Coaching- List #6

This week, List #6, the final one in the series is entitled: The Top 10 Principles of Learning, Change and Development.

The paramount objective of coaches is to help those they coach gain new knowledge about themselves and their world, and use this knowledge to increase their personal effectiveness and career opportunities. In short, coaches are in the learning, change and development business.

Here are the Top 10 Principles of Learning, Change and Development:

#1. We are all stuck, to some degree. Often the things that keep us stuck are habits, attitudes, beliefs and relationships that were once very important to us.

#2. We do not resist change; we resist loss. We are naturally wired to adapt to a changing world.

#3. Our past successes often are impediments to moving forward to a new chapter in our work, career or life.

#4. Everyone has the potential and ability to make choices now that will have a significant, positive impact on their future.

#5. It is the willingness to truly learn that distinguishes a person as having high potential.

#6. Most limitations are self-imposed.

#7. Trying to improve or fix others is a futile effort that usually ends up annoying them and frustrating you.

#8. One sincere expression of encouragement can change a life forever.

#9. The most potent step forward usually involves a very difficult conversation.

#10. One never becomes a great leader, doctor or carpenter. Those we recognize as great in their field are ordinary men and women who wake up every morning and choose to get on the road less travelled.

This is the final list in the series of six “Top 10 Lists for Great Coaching” that include:
1. The Top 10 Outcomes of Great Coaching
2. The Top 10 Coaching Mistakes
3. The 10 Step Framework for Effective Coaching Sessions
4. The Top 10 Qualities of Great Coaches
5. The Top 10 Ways to Build a Long-Term Coaching Relationship
6. The Top 10 Principles of Learning, Change and Development

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