Top 3 Tips to Redefine HR Technology 2020

Half of 2020 is gone. But why am I still talking about it?

That’s because we never expected something like COVID-19 that has hit us hard since the beginning of this year. HR professionals are now wondering which can be the best decisions to be taken by the HR teams. As the marketing head of a leading resume analytics company in the HR tech space, I am sharing three tips that can help you in redefining your HR technology decisions.

1.Connecting the Four Elements of HR

The HR department will improve its productivity if it has well-defined systems in place for recruitment, employee management, benefits management, and learning management.

It is a fact that if you choose a perfect recruitment analytics solution for your applicant tracking system (ATS), you can save a lot of your time on screening candidates. A good example is a resume parser that extracts resume data automatically and saves it in data fields such as education, experience, skills, qualification, etc.

As hiring is an important function of recruitment, you should also give the same attention to employee retention. Adopt popular practices for benefits management, especially in a situation like COVID-19. Also, use various Learning Management Systems to help your employees improve their skills.

2.Choose a Trusted Partner

While choosing HR technology, I recommend that you go for the best. Choose an experienced vendor instead of a new face because the experts have already built trust for their products in the industry. Their products offer amazing innovation, flexibility, and a good back up.

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3.Go for the Right Integration

I advise you to partner with the right solution for speeding up your go-to-market strategy. If you are looking at bringing a remarkable change in your business, integrate with a service provider, and offer a solution to the market together. This is an excellent way to enhance the power of your recruitment CRM if you are looking to explore new opportunities with less risk, cost, etc.

Organizations are gearing up for the new normal now. HR technology offerings will continue to make an impact on the HR tech industry. Take your decisions wisely.