Top 7 Job Boards of 2019

Which is the most popular source for hiring quality candidates?

Of course, it is a job board.

Recruiters and HR managers prefer posting their job ads on the job boards to attract the right candidates. However, choosing the best job board is quite tricky. With numerous options overflowing in the market, how would you decide on choosing the right one?

No worries! I am here to help you. This article features the best job boards of 2019.


NextJob is a reemployment solutions company. The company aims to eradicate unemployment by providing highly effective one-on-one job coaching to job seekers. It offers solutions to lenders, employers, veterans’ organizations, schools, state workforce programs to ensure efficiency and return on investment.

2. DK Global Recruitment

With experience in human resource planning, recruitment, business analysis, etc., the team at DK Global Recruitment provides efficient B2B client services and candidate services. It offers its services to fill up job positions in IT, Finance, Accounting, Sales, HR, Customer service, etc.

3. Salary Board

With its online solutions, Salary board allows companies, professionals, and organizations to keep an eye on labor market indicators. You can research and compare salary information based on numerous factors such as company size, skills, industry, etc.

4. HigherEdJobs

HigherEdJobs is favorite among colleges and universities for recruiting faculty and administrators. The company helps job seekers to make advancements in their careers and also helps employers to find the right fit.

5. Indeed

Indeed is quite a popular name and is a preferred choice of job seekers as well as employers. It was a job search engine and has now become one of the best job boards. You can find various jobs on this platform, be it full-time, part-time, executive, and entry-level jobs.

6. Glassdoor

Glassdoor has given a new concept to job boards. Get information about the salary data of companies, employer ratings, etc. This is helpful for the candidates to decide to apply for a job in a company.

7. LinkedIn Job Search

A networking site, LinkedIn also offers amazing job opportunities. Apart from building networks, candidates also get the latest job updates.

However, if you are looking at enhancing the functionality of job boards, using a resume parser will be helpful. Providing an excellent candidate experience is the priority of job boards. Thus, adopting AI and technology to improve this experience is essential.

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