Top five employee performance review tips businesses should consider when creating their 2010 News Years Resolutions according to ReviewSNAPTM

ReviewSNAP™, a Web-based performance management system, offers the following tips on how making maximizing employee performance a New Year’s resolution will benefit both employees and the organization.

1. Create realistic goals and expectations.
2. Develop a method to measure success against each employee’s goal.
3. Provide ongoing feedback and coaching throughout the year to employees.
4. Track progress and areas of improvement for each employee throughout the year to provide clear and thorough feedback to the employee.
5. Implement an on-demand employee performance management program to substantially enhance the performance review process.

“Employee performance is simply taken too lightly in too many organizations” said David Arringdale, President of ReviewSNAP’s parent company Applied Training Systems, Inc. “The commitment is just not there or the approach is not a good match for the employee base. Using a system such as ReviewSNAP™ can have dramatic results. It was developed based on years of experience and research into what makes employees tick and how feedback about performance should be implemented. When an organization makes a true commitment to maximizing the performance of its employees, the results can be amazing.”

ReviewSNAP has a significant subscriber base using both its performance review and 360 degree feedback modules. Companies benefit from having the flexibility and power to track and document performance easily, assure timely and accurate performance reviews, hold mangers accountable for timely and consistent reviews and gather feedback from other employees to use as a coaching and development tool. Research shows that employee performance reviews affect employees’ perception of the organization they work for and employees with high morale produce quality results. ReviewSNAP was developed to make this process beneficial and easy for both employees and managers.

About ReviewSNAP™

Headquartered in Johnston, IA, ReviewSNAP,, is a division of Applied Training Systems, Inc., a leader in business consulting, training, publishing and on-demand software solutions since 1995. ReviewSNAP offers a fully automated web-based performance management system that includes the ability to customize templates, automatically notify reviewers, capture ongoing feedback about performance, track statistics by employee, department and organization, manage goals, and a host of other automated features. For more information call ReviewSNAP at 1-800-516-5849.

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