This week, List #3 in the series is entitled: The 10 Step Framework for Effective Coaching Sessions.

Rarely, if ever, does a coaching conversation follow a step-by-step pattern. Great coaches, however, guide the conversation so that the person being coached is constantly learning, gaining new insights and crafting ambitious personal plans. Here is a 10 Step Framework for Effective Coaching Sessions:

#1. Checking In

• “How are you doing?”
• ” Are you ready to dive in?”

#2. Looking Back

• “What have you accomplished since our last conversation?”
• ” What have been your biggest disappointments?”

#3. Continuous Learning

• “What have you observed about yourself?”
• “What new insights have you gained?”

#4. Making Progress

• “What important breakthroughs have you made?”
• ” What new habits are you practicing?”

#5. Building Energy

• “What has been the most fun?”
• ” How can you do more of this?”

#6. Current Issues

• “What important new challenges are you facing?”
• ” What new opportunities have emerged ?”

#7. Being Helpful

• “How can we best use our time?”
• ” How can I be most helpful?”

#8. Diving In

• Affirmations, questions, confrontations, insights and challenges
• Repeat as necessary

#9. Advancing Action

• “What is the most potent next step?”
• ” What specific commitments will you make?”

#10. Planning to Reconnect

• “When will we next speak?”
• ” My best wishes go with you”

This is the third in the series of six “Top 10 Lists for Great Coaching” that include:

1. The Top 10 Outcomes of Great Coaching
2. The Top 10 Coaching Mistakes
3. The 10 Step Framework for Effective Coaching Sessions
4. The Top 10 Qualities of Great Coaches
5. The Top 10 Ways to Build a Long-Term Coaching Relationship
6. The Top 10 Principles of Learning, Change and Development

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