This week, List #5 in the series is entitled: The Top 10 Ways to Build a Long-Term Coaching Relationship.

Great coaching can happen nearly anywhere: in a hallway conversation, in a performance apparisal or in project status meeting. However, if the person being coached is seeking a significant, sustained change in their performance or career, it usually requires multiple conversations over some period of time. Here are the Top 10 ways to Build a Long-Term Coaching Relationship.

#1. Have great expectations for the person being coached. Never let them sell themselves short or pursue anything but their very best path forward.

#2. Accept nothing less than their very best efforts during the coaching process.

#3. Help them broaden their world-view by constantly challenging their thinking and sharing alternate perspectives.

#4. Coach to their values, beliefs and aspirations encouraging them to set their own personal standards of performance.

#5. Help them discover or rediscover the parts of themselves that are most unique and most treasured.

#6. Always treat them with dignity and respect especially when they are not at their best.

#7. Recognize and celebrate every breakthrough and victory no matter how small.

#8. Always work at their most fertile growing edge.

#9. Be generous with your kindness and empathy when they struggle with the emotions, self-doubt and uncertainty of learning and development.

#10. Tell them things other will not.

This is the fifth in the series of six “Top 10 Lists for Great Coaching” that include:
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2. The Top 10 Coaching Mistakes
3. The 10 Step Framework for Effective Coaching Sessions
4. The Top 10 Qualities of Great Coaches
5. The Top 10 Ways to Build a Long-Term Coaching Relationship
6. The Top 10 Principles of Learning, Change and Development

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