TRACOM Launches On-Demand Navigator for Common Business Interactions

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – November 28, 2012 – The TRACOM Group announced today the release of SOCIAL STYLE(TM) Navigator, a suite of on-demand tools to help apply SOCIAL STYLE concepts in common workplace situations. The tools reinforce SOCIAL STYLE training and provide practical advice for specific workplace interactions, such as giving performance reviews, sharing bad news or overcoming objections in a sales situation.

SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s most-used interpersonal behavior model, and SOCIAL STYLE Navigator was created for managerial, sales and individual contributors with previous SOCIAL STYLE training. The Navigator includes three knowledge centers:

-The SOCIAL STYLE Estimator enables users to quickly estimate a person’s SOCIAL STYLE by answering a few short questions. Identifying a person’s behavioral preferences enables more successful interactions in a variety of situations, such as before meeting with a sales prospect, heading off a potential conflict, or working in a team setting.

– The SOCIAL STYLE Advisor provides productivity tips on dozens of topics, including common managerial tasks and sales scenarios. The Advisor documents are written to reflect the unique SOCIAL STYLE preferences of both the user and the people with whom she interacts. Each Advisor includes links to additional resources on each of the 40+ topics, including information about how a person’s own SOCIAL STYLE influences the situation.

-The SOCIAL STYLE eLearning Library offers four eLearning classes on applying SOCIAL STYLE concepts in the workplace: Managing Conflict, Working in Teams, Coaching Others and Achieving Higher Versatility.

“Style awareness is a powerful tool for a healthy and productive workplace,” said Casey Mulqueen, Ph.D., Director of Research & Product Development. “But like all training efforts, people benefit from tools that help them apply the concepts they learned in everyday situations. The Navigator puts situation-specific, Style-specific assistance at the user’s fingertips.”

The Navigator offers flexible deployment that enables organizations to customize content according to the goals of their training initiatives. It can be accessed directly from a secure, TRACOM-hosted website or implemented via corporate Learning Management Systems or corporate learning websites. Organizations can choose to provide any or all of the three knowledge centers.

More information on the SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is available at, including a 10-minute video tour.

SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s most effective model for improving interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to create more effective work environments. TRACOM offers a variety of print, online and e-learning products centered on the SOCIAL STYLE Model and Versatility.

About The TRACOM Group
For 50 years, The TRACOM Group has helped individuals and organizations improve workplace performance by building interpersonal skills, improving teamwork and developing leaders. TRACOM offers measurement-based learning models, courses, surveys, assessment tools and consulting services. Much of TRACOM’s work is based on the SOCIAL STYLE Model(TM), a proven model for effective leadership performance, work and personal relationships.

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