TRACOM Webinar: Building Resilient Leaders for Organizational Success

Centennial, CO [April 17, 2014] – Organizations today are looking for ways to improve the resiliency of their leaders. Resiliency is the ability to deal with change and adapt constructively in a fast-paced global economy. The TRACOM Group, one of the nation’s top social intelligence training and assessment companies, is hosting a free one-hour webinar with called, “Building Resilient Leaders for Organizational Success,” on April 23, 2014 at 1:00 pm ET.

This webinar looks at the latest research into brain function and the evolutionary facts behind leadership and provides specific guidance to make people and organizations more resilient. Participants will learn:

– The hidden barriers that limit our adaptability to change
– How our mindset affects resilience, innovation and teamwork
– The connection between mindset and success in leadership and sales
– Easy techniques to overcome negativity and improve our mindset
– Leadership techniques that make an impact – See more at:

Speakers for this webinar include:

Dr. Casey Mulqueen, Director of Research & Product Development at The TRACOM Group and the author or dozens of books, articles and papers on leadership and high performance.

Dr. Natalie Wolfson, Organizational Consultant at TRACOM and author of the new resilient leader white paper, “Adaptive Mindset(TM): Does Your Company Have the Resiliency Needed to Capitalize on Upcoming Opportunities?” which will be provided to webinar participants.

To register for this free webinar, visit (free registration required).

The TRACOM Group is a workplace performance company that works with the world’s top companies through leadership and team development, employee engagement and sales effectiveness training. TRACOM is best known for development of the world-famous SOCIAL STYLE Model(TM), a proven model for building interpersonal and selling skills.

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