TransitionHR Launches HR Industry's First Outcome-Driven Outplacement Program

TransitionHR officially launched its disruptive, outcome-driven outplacement program today. The innovative program improves the career transition experience for employees affected by layoffs, mergers or other workforce reductions, and sets a new benchmark for measuring the success of outplacement initiatives for corporations and government agencies.

“The team at TransitionHR combined our strong reputation for innovation, with our 15 years of experience developing career transition programs that get results,” Amos Tayts, CEO and co-founder of TransitionHR, said. “We are creating a new standard in job search success, and disrupting the traditional outplacement model by providing the analytics to measure that success in real time.”

TransitionHR soft launched in September 2016, drawing in large U.S. and Canadian enterprise clients with its outcome-driven program, and allowing them to measure its effectiveness against their existing outplacement providers. The company helped more than 1,000 affected employees transition into new careers in its last quarter.

The platform’s success is the sum of a three-part formula: an employee-centric program, a cloud-based, off-boarding dashboard, and real-time reporting and metrics on each employee’s career transition progress.
While traditional outplacement service providers group affected employees into one-size-fits-all career counseling programs that lack structure and individual attention, TransitionHR’s comprehensive, outcome-driven program is tailored to meet each employee’s unique career transition needs.

A visual, personalized dashboard provides affected employees with a clear, step-by-step path to their career transition success. The program starts with a one-on-one assessment with a career advisor to help refine the affected employee’s job search goals. The employee then receives customized job search documents with ongoing access to a professional writer, recruiter and career coach.

Next, the employee receives access to the largest private recruiter distribution network in North America, with 22,000 registered recruiters across more than 50 industries, and targeted job alerts from 16,000 job boards. Modules can also include LinkedIn development and optimization, and one-on-one interview coaching.

“Our dashboard represents a major milestone in our effort to transform an antiquated, legacy-driven, administrative-heavy and traditionally expensive system – on which all off-boarding programs have been built on for more than 30 years – into an employee-centric experience,” Tayts explained.

The dashboard’s transparent interface allows HR teams to measure each employee’s engagement with the program in real time, and to track their career transition progress each step of the way from layoff to landing.

“HR teams want to know if the off-boarding programs they invest in are compassionate and supportive,” Tayts said. “But most importantly, they are starting to demand analytics to see if outplacement vendors are achieving the results they’re advertising. We are able to deliver those big data insights that no other vendor has been able to provide.”

The streamlined, virtual system not only enables the company to provide its outplacement program at a reduced cost, it also cuts the average career transition time by more than half. It takes employees an average of seven business days to complete TransitionHR’s program, and an average of only 7.4 weeks to land a new job, compared to the industry average of about 18 weeks. Employees re-entering the workforce also land positions that advance their careers and salaries.

The feedback the company has received has been overwhelmingly positive; it has a 93 percent satisfaction rating from affected employees who have completed its program.

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About TransitionHR: TransitionHR is a provider of cutting-edge outplacement software and services. Its outcome-driven outplacement program empowers employees with individualized tools and paths for career transition success, while off-boarding reports and metrics enable employers to measure the value of their investment. The management team has a strong reputation for innovation and proven competency in developing career transition programs that get results.