Triple Creek Names 2012 Open Mentoring® Award Winners

Triple Creek, the leader in enterprise mentoring and structured social learning software, today announced the winners of their inaugural Open Mentoring® Awards, which recognize organizations for their innovative, enterprise use of Open Mentoring to spread knowledge among their workforces. Congratulations to State Street, URS, and a major pharmaceutical company for their achievement!

“These three companies are prime examples of how organizations can make the most of modern mentoring, social learning, and inclusive knowledge sharing,” said Randy Emelo, President and CEO of Triple Creek. “They truly embody the mindset that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. Their broad use of Open Mentoring is helping them break down silos across geography, function and organizational hierarchy, and they are able to tie all of this back to organizational goals.”

While each company leveraged unique approaches to their organization’s mentoring program, they all utilized the three workflows in Open Mentoring (career, topical and situational) and they all exhibited traits that make them leaders in modern mentoring.

State Street has a truly open program available to all global employees in the company. They merged 18 private, closed mentoring programs into one central initiative, translated the program into six languages, and secured buy-in from critical employee resources groups to ensure success.

URS rebranded their program “URS Knowledge Network,” emphasizing the broader goal of sharing critical knowledge and insights among all employees in their Energy & Construction division, where the program is active. They saw an average of 12 people connected per topical engagement, they had three out of seven business units represented in each engagement, and they increased participation by 5% each month.

The major pharmaceutical company has an open program accessible to all employees within a large corporate division, with participants in more than 50 countries. While the program has only been active for one year, they have already seen a 7 point increase in training and career development scores in their Global Employee Survey due to the mentoring program.

Triple Creek commends these companies for the fantastic work they have been doing with their mentoring programs. The winners will be honored at Triple Creek’s Executive Symposium in April in Denver, Colorado.

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About the Open Mentoring® Awards
Presented by Triple Creek, makers of Open Mentoring®, the Open Mentoring® Awards are designed to recognize organizations whose use of Open Mentoring® offers a best practice example related to the innovative ways in which mentoring, knowledge sharing and structured social learning can spread across an enterprise.

Media Contact
Laura Francis
Communications Principal, Triple Creek