The biggest international recruitment event company #tru and TalentNet have today joined to operate as one company. After this merger the company has two well known event brands and concepts in HR & Recruitment that compliment each other’s offering. The vision is to expand both of the brands globally and provide more value for the HR and recruitment industry on all the continents of the world.

#tru was founded in 2010 by Bill Boorman. Since then it has expanded to be first truly global recruitment event concept reaching a volume of over 60 events per year, and all continents this year. #tru is a pure unconference and it continues to deliver low cost and high value events for people in HR and recruitment. More information on

#TalentNet was founded in 2009 by Craig Fisher as the first hashtag chat for recruiters on Twitter. It has become a highly popular podcast, and a mainstay among U.S. recruitment conferences, gathering thought leaders around the globe to share ideas related to recruitment at multiple events each year. TalentNet will continue to develop high class recruitment conference experiences and will expand outside of the United States. More information about the conference on

We are so excited about this partnership and look forward to working together to expand these two great brands to be available for an even larger audience, reaching and connecting all parts of the world.

On behalf of #tru and TalentNet,

Bill Boorman, founder of #tru,
Craig Fisher, founder of TalentNet
Aki Kakko, partner and Director,

PS. Join our #truUS tour in May!