Two New, Innovative Learning Workshops from Interaction Associates Deliver Critical Skills for Leaders

Introducing Collaborate to Innovate and Strategic Thinking — Two Time-Efficient Learning Modules Focused on Critical Leadership Competencies

Boston, MA March 14, 2011 — The 40-year innovator of advanced leadership training, Interaction Associates, is introducing two new one-day in-person learning events designed to develop leaders enterprise-wide and for individuals via public workshops.

Boston and San Francisco-based IA specializes in helping clients develop a new type of dynamic leader — the facilitative leader — a strategic, self-aware and collaborative leader who is deeply grounded in methods and skills that promote employee engagement, trust and performance.

“Our two new workshops — ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ and ‘Strategic Thinking’ – are geared to help leaders skill up in two critical areas in business today,” said Linda Dunkel, President and CEO of Interaction Associates. “We responded to the present urgent business climate to deliver valuable, practical skill-building in one-day modules. We are offering these in public settings for individual learners, as well as to groups of leaders inside large organizations,” added Dunkel.

About Collaborate to Innovate
This workshop helps leaders apply their creativity and the creativity of others to productive use — using an easily replicated manageable process. Collaborate to Innovate teaches leaders how to tap team and organizational talent using a variety of proven and practical tools so that they can develop the optimal solution for a well-defined opportunity. Collaborate to Innovate has leaders building an innovation involvement map and discovering/refining their specific innovation styles, and more!

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About Strategic Thinking
In creating Strategic Thinking, Interaction Associates applied a decade of research into the topic, as well as decades of experience in consulting to leadership teams, facilitating group problem-solving and coaching leaders at strategic moments. This one-day workshop equips participants with the tools and skills for thinking strategically in a group setting. Leaders will learn about the four domains of strategic thinking and the skills that underlie each domain, as well as a series of practical and proven tools they can apply immediately to their own business challenges and organizational context.

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About Interaction Associates
Interaction Associates is a 40-year innovator in advanced methods for developing Facilitative Leaders, the exemplary and unique talent within organizations possessing advanced skills in self awareness, strategic thinking, and with a unique capacity to engage others. Facilitative Leaders are adept at addressing complex, interconnected business issues that feature multiple business variable and impact numerous stakeholders. IA has offices in Boston and San Francisco. More info is at:

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