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In a December 20th Webinar, AccuScreen.com’s CEO will reveal ” The 7 Commandments of Using Facebook in the Screening Process.”

TAMPA, FL — The rapid rise of online social media has drastically and permanently altered the world of employment screening, and not always to the benefit of employers.

That’s the message that AccuScreen.com, an industry pioneer in employment pre-screening services, will emphasize in an upcoming webinar on the topic of online employment screening with Facebook. The webinar, scheduled for 2 to 3 p.m. EST on Dec 20th, will reveal the top 7 commandments of using Facebook as part of the  employment screening process.

“More and more companies are routinely combing the Internet for information on job applicants, assuming that everything they find is fair game for consideration in the hiring process. What they often don’t realize is that the information they’re gathering may be not only completely inaccurate but also legally risky in terms of online employment screening. Our webinar is intended to help employers understand that even accurate information found online cannot always be legally used as a consideration in employment decisions,” said Kevin Connell, CEO and founder of AccuScreen.com (http://www.accuscreen.com/).

Whether you want to use sites like Facebook to screen out employees via a social media background check, or use social media sites to monitor your employee’s social media activity, discipline them for what they post, or simply maintain rules that arguably regulate employee conduct, all employers need to understand the evolving rules coming from the NLRB

“As a major provider of background check services for pre-employment screening as well as other types of screening, we at AccuScreen.com must stay on top of these issues and legal trends, keeping in mind that the situation can change without notice depending on the terms-of-use policies of sites such as Facebook and Twitter,” Connell said. “We also want employers to realize that even if they’re outsourcing their screening to a company that specializes in background check services, not all such companies are created equal. Anyone can offer online employment screening, but not everyone understands the nuances of how to go about it in a legally sound and responsible way.”

Join us for real world practical tips and insider secrets shared by Kevin Connell, a social media savvy background check expert. This webinar is a Pre-Approved HRCI Certified Webinar.

Space is limited for the December 20th webinar, reserve your can a seat now at: http://www.accuscreen.com/media/webinars/.

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