UpMo Announces Talent Marketplace, Revolutionizing Internal Social Recruiting

Cloud solution enables in-house recruiters and managers to strategically fill roles internally

Mountain View, CA – May 17, 2012 –UpMo, the leader in social talent management, today announced the addition of the Talent Marketplace to its Social Talent Engine platform. Recruiters and managers can use the Talent Marketplace to more strategically collaborate, reduce churn and accelerate the pace at which they fill open roles with internal talent.

Unlike other approaches, the new internal Talent Marketplace uses sophisticated algorithms to match current employees to open opportunities – either full-time jobs or temporary roles – inside the company, providing unprecedented visibility into and transparency on the existing workforce. To recommend matches, the patent-pending algorithms also take into account social feedback and employee-provided career goals, interests and mobility preferences.

UpMo’s Talent Marketplace opens windows that reveal talent matches—both evident and less obvious. The solution provides:

• Automated matching – Using UpMo’s underlying engine, open job postings are auto-matched to employee skills, aspirations, preferences and other HR data, eliminating guesswork and wasted cycles.
• Internal collaboration – With the Talent Marketplace, teams can actively discuss UpMo-recommended matches and collaboratively build a visual pipeline of employee candidates.
• Social recommendations – Tapping the power of social influence that exists within the enterprise, UpMo gives hiring managers a unique view into possible candidates and access to a natural social vetting process. Because employees are active UpMo users, the solution can expose manager and co-worker endorsements that let recruiters quickly assess existing talent and fill open roles.

“Companies continue to throw money at external recruiting, looking for saviors to ease woes, while ignoring the talent they already have,” said Rob Garcia, vice president of product at UpMo. “UpMo’s Talent Marketplace opens your eyes to the amazing talent right inside your company, allowing you to elevate current employees. By giving your employees an internal social career platform, you let them find and be found for internal opportunities—before external entities find them first. In this way, you keep your best employees in-house and engaged.”

UpMo will showcase its Talent Marketplace for attendees and analysts at the upcoming Recruiting and Innovation Summit, May 17-18, 2012 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

To learn more or to sign up for a free trial of UpMo’s Social Talent Engine, visit www.upmo.com, or look for UpMo at the Recruiting and Innovation Summit: www.recruitinginnovationsummit.com.

About UpMo
UpMo is the global provider of Social Talent, connecting employees, customers and business partners for networking and internal upward mobility. UpMo provides the industry’s first employee-centric enterprise career management solution to emerging and large organizations. Using an unorthodox approach to aligning people with like interests and career aspirations, we enable a competitive advantage by strengthening the investment in valuable human capital. We help people plan, pursue, and manage their careers in a way that benefits both them and their companies. UpMo’s cloud solution helps companies like Intuit embrace employee mobility to dramatically increase productivity, reduce churn, and improve employee engagement. For more information, please visit www.UpMo.com, email info@upmo.comor call 1- 888-599-1910.

Contact: Christel Mes