UpMo Launches its Freemium Enterprise Talent Network for Employees

Employees can now showcase their skills and ambitions, find career opportunities and build connections, making it easier for them to succeed and for their companies to retain great talent

Mountain View, CA — July 17, 2012 –UpMo, the first-ever enterprise talent network, today announced the launch of its exclusive internal network, available to all employees. UpMo allows employees to truly rock at work by allowing them to showcase talents, leverage existing skills, seize opportunities and collaborate to find the perfect job or project inside the company. Built for forward-thinking companies that embody ambition, growth and positive change, UpMo enables employees to find and be found for opportunities at their current companies.

“Building internal networks is not new, but UpMo finally creates a purpose for enabling employees to collaborate—it’s about getting work done smarter and creating a dynamic internal marketplace for talent and opportunity,” said Rob Garcia, VP of Product at UpMo. “With UpMo, people are empowered to make positive changes in their careers, and for organizations, UpMo creates relationships that would have been near impossible otherwise.”

With UpMo, you can:
• Measure your mobility potential: Assess who you know (network and influence), what you know (skills and experience), and the demand for your skills at your current company — think KloutTM for internal career mobility
• Find your next gig, right down the hall: Gain access to incredible opportunities and find the killer job that lets you do what you love, without leaving your company
• Build a network of the right people: Find your group, surround yourself with amazing people and accomplish great things together — think Linkedin TM for the enterprise
• Amplify skills: Showcase daily moments of greatness, get noticed by the right people and be discovered for opportunities that let all your talents shine.

“Before UpMo, there was simply no way to explore opportunities and collaborate with mentors and coworkers to push your career forward in an efficient way,” said Stephen Bryant, Product Development Lead & Innovation Consultant at Intuit. “UpMo opened my eyes to opportunities, connections and career paths that I did not even know existed, ultimately helping me make a move within Intuit.”

You can access your company’s UpMo network or start a new one by signing up at www.UpMo.com.

For a demo, free trial or to learn more, email info@upmo.com, visit www.upmo.com or check out the Social Talent Show at www.socialtalentshow.com.

About UpMo: UpMo is the first-ever enterprise talent network that lets you truly rock at work. With UpMo, you can now showcase your talents, leverage your skills, seize opportunities, collaborate and find the perfect next job down the hall. Exclusive UpMo networks are available to employees of some of the hippest employers and talent magnets of all sizes such as Intuit and Harmonic Inc. UpMo’s cloud solution helps companies embrace internal mobility to dramatically increase productivity, reduce churn, and improve employee engagement. To learn more and sign up, visit www.upmo.com or call 1- 888-599-1910.